Zipcy’s SuperNormal NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

Zipcy's SuperNormal NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

From holding charities for women to collaborating with influential artists, Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT is all about giving back to the Asian Communities. Each of these individually diverse Zipcy NFT portrayals is thanks to a hardworking team of illustrators, developers, and more.

The team’s illustrator, Zipcy’s vision is to integrate authentic human emotions and identities in these NFTs, making them personally appealing to each viewer.

Today, we shall take a swift swim into the world of Supernormal NFTs that encourage digital representation of Asian communities through thought-evoking art styles. A quick tour of these illustriously personified NFTs, the roles of active community boards, a soon-to-be thriving roadmap, and buying guides can prepare you to delve deep into these aesthetic masterpieces.

Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT Overview

Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT items 8,888
Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT Owners 3,712
Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT Floor price 0.27 ETH
Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT pre-sale Mint price  0.088 ETH
Volume Traded 27,029 ETH

Supernormal NFTs: Digital Art And Culture Re-Defined

Zipcy's SuperNormal NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

The Zipcy NFTs by the SuperNormal team is a beautiful vision-to-virtual project that encourages, engages, and represents Asian communities through personified illustrations. It all started with 8,888 uniquely generative Supernormal NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They have 1,000 traits, 6 quirky styles, and thought-provoking snazzy features that yield the “supernormal” identities.

By blending them in, you can mint elegant, aesthetic, and personified Zipcy’s Supernormal NFTs through your MetaMask wallet. Visit their diverse social media platforms such as Supernormal NFT Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and TikTok to interact, engage and participate in fun events alongside other active members!

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Unforgettable Moments In The Supernormal NFT Timeline

Zipcy’s Supernormal NFTs came out in two phases, pre-sale and public sale. NFT-enthusiasts for these fashionable, unique, and artistic collectibles registered with the now-95,349-members Discord server.

The pre-sale spots were awarded through Discord and exclusive third-party projects. It guaranteed 2 supernormal NFTs minted at 0.088 each.

After 24 hours, Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT public sale started with all the unminted NFTs. They were part of the official on-site Dutch auction. Dutch auction follows a quick-ending reverse auction format where more suppliers join in at the intended or given price point.

By going Dutch on the auction, the team was able to pull in more enthusiasts towards the sale, with an overall profitable outcome. So the supernormal NFT public sale started at 2.000 ETH and trended down to 0.100 ETH in 24 hours.

Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT’s Perfect Roadmap Towards The Digital Future

Zipcy's Supernormal NFT's Perfect Roadmap Towards The Digital Future

Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT roadmap promises fun events, artist collaborations, a great game, merch, the launch of ZMV, and more! The Supernormal NFT ideas receive community funds from 10% of the primary and secondary sales.

Zipcy and the team aim to create friendly and active online communities that encourage participation in a thriving digital space.

The launch of Zipcy’s MetaVerse (ZMV) is a doorway to infinite exciting opportunities! They plan to buy a Decentraland estate and host some great events. These events can be both SuperNormal holder-exclusive and public. After the season 2 launch, you can even wear fashionable accessories in MetaVerse!

Up next, the non-play-to-win Fashion game promises the much-anticipated Season 2 with new SuperNormals. This collection of up to 20,000 mints will have larger-than-life traits, a cut above the first-season NFTs.

The Fashion Game shall also launch the virtual Han Yak or Korean potions. As a season 1 Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT holder, you can expect up to 8,888 free-to-claim Han Yaks. By consuming these, you can participate in the Fashion Game to gain access to 20-30 random new stylish traits and dress up your Season 2 SuperNormals in bold, vibrant looks!

The season 2 collections’ gender and races will be randomized. There is also an option to use your season 1’s Genesis SuperNormal NFTs for your base. You can customize their looks in fashionable accessories and mint them! If you are lucky, this can be your Season 2 rare!

Customizing with the all-new ZIPS merch will be available to all Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT holders. The team also plans to launch them as actual physical merchandises as exclusive signed posters, streetwear, and more! These items shall also be available in the MetaVerse.

Alongside these, there are always ongoing collaborations with popular influential artists and project groups. Post-launch plans included the Charity Auction collaboration with talented artists like pussyrrriot, GreyRaiden, LisaODT, not fat, and more! It aimed to donate 50% of the proceeds to charities for women and the rest to all collaborating artists. Through this, the team hoped to fortify women’s representation in space through some mind-blowing virtual projects.

Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT Sales, Prices, And Future Predictions!

Zipcy's Supernormal NFT Sales, Prices, And Future Predictions!

The Current Floor Price And Mint Price

As of 16th November 2022, Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT floor price is 0.27 ETH. Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT mint price, on the other hand, is 0.088 ETH. You can find these stats on the official page and Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT OpenSea platform.

Volume Of Sales

According to OpenSea, Zipcy’s NFTs have a total sales volume of 27,029 ETH on 16th November 2022. The last 7 days (till 15th November) statistics show 27,029.1961 ETH sales volume. So the verdict is that more enthusiasts are boarding the ship to Supernormal NFTs!

Price Prediction

Till 15th November 2022, OpenSea shows that the prices of these NFTs have been consistently rising, all thanks to exciting events and artist collaborations. Therefore Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT price prediction concludes that with more upcoming scheduled events, the prices will steadily rise to encourage more community members to join in!

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How To Buy Zipcy’s Supernormal NFTs?

If you wish to know how to buy Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT, there are quick and simple ways. All you need to do is have a MetaDesk wallet. Zipcy’s Supernormal NFTs are available on OpenSea. During availability, they go on sale in Ethereum and WETH.

Align Your Identity With A Robust And Artistic NFT Community

Zipcy’s Supernormal NFT proves yet again that there is no limit to artistic brilliance. The sheer aesthetic individualism of these NFTs makes them a must-have for ardent NFT holders, especially when you can dawn these personas on MetaVerse. From fanart contests, and creator AMAs to supercool fashion games, Zipcy’s community makes sure to keep you hooked!

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