Undead Pastel Club NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

Undead Pastel Club NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

Spooky-themed NFTs with pastel color, quite an irony isn’t it? With Project Undead Pastel Club NFT, a new synonymous meaning is given to the words Undead and Pastel. Living on the Ethereum blockchain, the Undead Pastel Club NFT is a collection of 9,999 pastel apes derived from the ape NFTs and has the community as the main focus.

These NFTs are algorithmically generated with more than 140 attributes that include hats, eyes, skins, etc. This project introduces a new concept of colorful ghostly apes as NFTs.

Did someone say Apes? Are we really evolving back to Apes? Read further to find out. In this article, we will cover an in-depth understanding of Project Undead Pastel Club NFT, how to mint, the numbers that come into the picture, the roadmap, and much more.

Undead Pastel Club NFT Overview

Total Items 10.0K
Owners 6.0K
Undead Pastel Club NFT Mint Price (Pre-Sale) 0.07 ETH + Gas Fees
Undead Pastel Club NFT Mint Price (Public Sale) 0.1 ETH + Gas Fees
Undead Pastel Club NFT Floor Price 0.0069 ETH
Volume Traded 4.4K

Pastel Apes: Be A Part Of The Club!

Undead Pastel Club NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

Let us now unfold this newly discovered Pastel Apes. Undead Pastel Club NFTs will put you, an NFT holder, in an advantageous position with their high-quality art and affordable price.

As of January 17, as per their tweet, they purchased a massive 3×3 estate on Sandbox at 39.9 ETH. With this, the Undead Pastel Club NFT holders can meet and build on this land as soon as Sandbox Metaverse is launched.

Did you know this? If not, join Undead Pastel Club NFT Twitter and discord server to keep yourself updated with their recent tweets, reveals, and surprises. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on something fun and exciting!

The recently launched project has already started creating a buzz in the space by opening up new adventures for the holders. You can be a part of this exclusive community and avail perks and experiences that you expect from a promising NFT project.

Undead Pastel Club NFT RoadMap Towards Growth

Undead Pastel Club NFT is all about striving for longevity and hence, they must stand strong and united. What is it that will hold the community of Undead Pastel Club NFT together?

Even after the NFT collection is sold out completely, the community fund and its implementation will gather attention from the public that will leave a mark today and evermore. With its staking features and Metaverse land acquisition, the project is already being spoken about in the virtual world.

The Undead Pastel Club NFT team has laid down its roadmap into two phases- Pre mint and Post Sell-out. Unraveling the Pre-mint phase, it has $250000 as the Marketing Budget, giveaways to the NFT holders, and definitely, an exclusive pre-sale discount for Whitelisted members.

During the post-sell-out phase, the team will launch its Merchandise collection. Apart from this, UpCake (UPC) token will be created using NFT staking features, marketing campaigns will be launched and the acquisition of Metaverse Land.

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Undead Pastel Club NFT Launch Date And Sales Statistics

Undead Pastel Club NFT Launch Date And Sales Statistics

Undead Pastel Club NFT was launched on January 11, 2022. Since then, as we look at the statistics, the sales have been increasing. Sales on January 18 and January 19 witnessed a decline as compared to the sales on January 16 and 17. As of January 20, 2022, the number of sales reduced, and the average price is at 0.3495.

Whilst we make Undead Pastel Club NFT price prediction, it is uncertain since currently, the sales have been fluctuating.

Coming to Undead Pastel Clubrarity, the rarity score for the first-ranked NFT is 609166.13. This given information is according to raritysniper.com, as of January 20.

How To Buy Undead Pastel Club NFT?

How To Buy Undead Pastel Club NFT

Wanna go back to how we started? With Apes? If yes, here is a guide for you to buy your pastel ape now.

  1. Go to the official website of Undead Pastel Club NFT (undeadpastelclub.io)
  2. Click on Install Metamask in order to buy the NFT.
  3. Install the extension by clicking on “Add to Chrome”.
  4. Set up your MetaMask wallet.
  5. Go to the website and click on “Connect Wallet”
  6. Once done, you can now select the number of NFTs and Mint.
  7. Currently, the pre-sale, as well as the public sale, is over. Whitelisting was also done which is basically exclusive access to the pre-sale. With being whitelisted, you can mint Undead Pastel NFT at a cheaper price.
  8. Pre-Sale went live on January 11th and the Public Sale was launched on January 12th.
  9. Whitelisted members were allowed to mint 1 NFT and during the public sale, a maximum of 10 NFTs could have been minted per transaction and 100 per wallet.
  10. As of now, you can also buy these ape NFTs by visiting Undead Pastel Club NFT OpenSea page.


As per my Undead Pastel Club NFT review, the team behind the scenes has thoughtfully created this NFT as it drives a community that is looking for an affordable NFT project. From its website to its pastel-colored apes, the project has been designed artistically.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to Bury the dead and bring to life the Undead.

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