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This blog will help keep you up to date with Security warnings, Phishing, Currently spreading Malware and Email spoofs, Windows updates and my general thoughts about the online world today and how to keep yourself safe online and not become a victim.

The majority of posts are about malware and phishing scams received via emails. Most people don't really want to know what the malware is that was attached to an email.  They just want to know if it is good or bad. Everybody just looks at the email quickly, so it can be very hard to decide if it comes from a genuine sender or a scumbag trying to scam you, steal your money or infect you.

All you want to know quickly: Is the email likely to be safe or dangerous?

We try to post as many examples of currently spreading emails as quickly as we can to alert everybody to the latest fast spreading method of scamming or infecting you.

  • Are you frustrated with your computer?
  • Do you want to do this when the computer won't work properly?

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Don't get all worked up, Don't panic, Don't get upset.

  • Do you have any problems with malware, viruses or trojans?
  • Is your computer plagued with pop ups?
  • Do you get diverted to wrong sites when searching?

For help with these and any malware related or other computer problems visit the computer help and malware cleaning forum:


How you can help yourself and others

How to protect yourself
You usually get infected because your security settings are too low or you blindly click yes to everything. This article will show you How to protect yourself, keep yourself safe online and tighten security.
The Risks of Social Media

Do you cyber-blab? Are you a compulsive Tweeter or Facebooker? Think carefully about what you post. A simple post about your daily visit to the local coffee shop could be enough to tell a burglar when it is safe to rob your house. Remember EVERYTHING on a Social Media site is public.

Submit Malware samples

You can submit suspicious files and Web sites ( URLs) for examination and submission to Antivirus companies, Other Malware Researchers that I co-operate with and Phishing Block lists.
You can also upload copies of the email you received ( that helps to track down and report the sending email servers so they can be cleaned up )

Malicious Word and other Microsoft Office files

One of the very popular methods of spreading malware and infecting you are emails with malformed or infected Word docs and Excel spreadsheets containing embedded malicious macros. Or Embedded OLE Objects.   You only have to look through this blog to see hundreds of examples of emails with attachments using these malicious Office files

Share This with your friends and contacts. Help THEM to stay safe: