SlimHood NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

SlimHood NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

SlimHood NFT has recently gained a lot of traction. Created by the parent company Random Character Collective, the project has already made a name for itself and attracted the famous rapper JaRule who purchased an NFT on 5th December 2021 for 0.11 ETH at the time.

Furthermore, Random Character Collective is also set to launch another project called Invisible Friends which is expected to release in February 2022, and owners of SlimHood NFTs can earn a whitelist spot for that sale, but more on this later. Let’s take a look at how SlimeHood NFTs are performing, where can you buy them from, and the roadmaps planned.

SlimHood NFT Overview

SlimHood NFT items 5.0K
Unique Owners 2.4K
SlimHood NFT Floor price 0.0669 ETH
Volume Traded 9.7K ETH

What Is SlimHood NFT?

SlimHood NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

SlimHoods NFT is a collection of 5000 randomly generated SlimHoodson on the Ethereum blockchain. While all of the NFTs wear hoodies, each hoodie is different as it is created using a generative color block design.

This means that there are 10,000 unique combinations that make these hoodies. Apart from the hoodies, each NFT has different traits like the style of the hair, skin tone, shoes, etc. which allows for billions of possible unique combinations.

The artist behind this project is James Curran aka SlimJim, a British illustrator, animator, and director. He also runs a website called SlimJim studios and shares his designs across Instagram, Twitter, and Dribble.

SlimHood NFT Important Dates

The SlimHood NFT Presale was opened on 11 October 2021 with spots being offered in the Discord channel followed by the presale being live on 16th October 2021.

The public sale was made live on 19th October 2021 and within 24 hours all the 5000 SlimHoods were sold out. Though there was no SlimHood NFT mint price, the NFT could buy on the website by linking your wallet to MetaMask as well as through Etherscan.

During the public sale, SlimHoods NFT was also listed among the top 10 hot-selling NFTs which was shared across their Twitter handle.

SlimHood NFT RoadMap And What Makes It Special

Though the SlimHood NFT roadmap is yet to be launched what makes it special is the easy access to Random Character Collective’s project called Invisible Friends. However, not much about this project has been revealed yet.

It is expected to drop in February 2022 and what makes it exciting for SlimHood NFT owners is that holding NFTs from the SlimeHood collection will grant a whitelist spot on the Invisible Friends NFT!

Additionally, according to the website, if you own a SlimHood, you can also mint a special Crosswalk edition of SlimHoods NFT. However, the special SlimHood NFT can only be minted once per SlimHood.

The SlimHood NFT team also frequently hosts events and giveaways. What came in as a surprising and encouraging move was that members of the SlimHood NFT community stepped out for runs in the real world turning it into a competition and were given prizes to do so! They also set up leaderboards and started the hashtag #SlimHoodsRunningClub on Twitter.

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SlimHood NFT Rarity

SlimHood NFT Rarity

What defines the SlimHood rarity is that each element on the SlimHood is unique. The entire collection is a combination of these unique elements. These elements include –

  • Hoodie: unique combinations of colors like red, white, purple, dark blue, yellow, green, orange, black, white, and grey.
  • Hat: Uniques combinations of the black mask, halo, gas mask, metal mask, and a list of colors.
  • Skin: Unique combinations like covered skin with black gloves, bones, white globes, metal limbs, skin 1, skin 2, skin 3, skin 4, and skin 5.
  • Eyes like circle eyes, socket eyes, open eyes with glasses, happy eyes, and more.
  • Hair: Combinations like no hair, colored hair, long hair, short hair, and more.
  • Mouth traits like skull jaw, covered mouth, grinning teeth, smiling mouth, etc.
  • Pants attribute distributed by a combination of colors.
  • Hood traits like hood closed, hood up, and hood down
  • Footwear attributes are distributed by a combination of colors.
  • Beard attributes are distributed by a combination of colors and no beard.
  • Headphone traits like white headphones, black headphones, and no headphones.

SlimHood NFT Sales Statistics

According to OpenSea, as of 10th November 2022, the SlimHoods NFT floor price is at 0.0669 ETH with a total traded volume of 9.7K ETH. In the last 7 days, the NFT traded at an average price of 1.4031 ETH and at a volume of 695.9609 ETH.

SlimHood NFT Price Prediction

What makes the SlimHood NFT special is its renowned parent company Random Character Collective which is also behind the Moodroller NFT and the Invisible Friends NFT which is yet to be launched in February 2022.

It may be yet too soon to understand the complete utility of the SlimHood NFT, however, considering the strong community built around it and the support received in the NFT marketplace showcases a strong potential for an upward graph in the near future.

How To Buy SlimHood NFT

How To Buy SlimHood NFT

SlimHood NFT OpenSea

SlimHoods NFT can be bought from the secondary market OpenSea. Beware that there could be multiple SlimHood OpenSea pages, so ensure that you always purchase from the official OpenSea.


SlimHoods NFT has created a name for itself in the NFT marketplace and doesn’t seem to slow down. While only 5000 combinations of NFT exist in the project, there is a potential to create many more especially when the Specials NFTs are released.

If you want to be a part of the conversations in the SlimHoods NFT community, follow their Twitter handle, join their Discord and keep an eye out on their website and OpenSea.

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