Smircs NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

Smircs NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

Smircs NFTs were born unto the Metaverse, in an extraterrestrial planet, called Smircia, the home of these smirking NFT caricatures. In their astronomical eyes, we reside on Terra, or Earth. Away toward Earth, this team launches a collection of 101 Smircs NFTs.

Are they going to commence a war against humanity, with a smirk or rather, Smirc? From diplomatic members of the government party, to officially arming themselves on the battlefield, what are these Smirc NFTs up to?

This article delves deep into how you can buy the Smric NFT. Everything from its statistics, numbers, current price, and the price beyond! Read along to get early access to this groundbreaking NFT project.

A Quick Guide Of Smircs NFT

Total Items 1330
Owners 491
Smircs NFT Mint Price 0.2 ETH
Smircs NFT Floor Price 0.0307 ETH
Volume Traded 50 ETH

What’s The Storyline Of Smircs NFT?

Smircs NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

Smircs NFT has a collection of 101 NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. This project is a collaboration between Combrisi and Flatizy, fully handcrafted. With a set of smirks in Smircs NFT, they make us believe in the concept of individuality. Equipped with accessories, jackets, weapons, and whatnot, all these Smircs will catch your sight.

In the Smircia ecosytem because of the climate, these Smircs have abilities that are extraordinary. They rarely visit Earth, but when they do, they arrive with great elegance. So making it clear, they aren’t from Earth, Smircia is the 16th planet in the Kulper Belt.

Smircs believed that Kanye as a president would bring prosperity and peace and technological advancement. With his defeat, the inhabitants of Smircia are now dispirited. They send a delegation party to Earth.

If now you accept one Smirc NFT, you will be accepting citizenship in Smircia. Each of the members has their own personality, traits, and style. Wait up, you most certainly will be called to serve in one of Smircia’s highly renowned party-wars with Planet Yolo.

The war may begin anytime, and this would determine the fate of Smircian race for millenia to come. With this, an elite is born, an exceptional and unique group who will give the answer to a question that is being echoed for ages.

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Into The Smircs NFT Project, Along The Road

Into The Smircs NFT Project, Along The Road

Smircs NFT project has a lot in its store for you. As a part of the community, you will not only find yourself “smirking”, but also being endowed with certain rewards, treasures, and surprises.

Initially, Smircs NFT will be collaborating with top-class designers which will further add new creativity to the Smirc Universe.

Well, if you fall into the category of #1 to #200 Smircs NFT owners, then you can avail of additional benefits. You will get free access to digital 3D Metaverse-linked Smircs. Besides, a limited edition physical 3D sculpture will be unraveled. And you will be able to purchase it at a special one-time discount.

What is an NFT project without the community? Keeping this in mind, they will be consulting community members in regard to the merchandise. Several art prints, clothes, and chains will be made at a premium quality with the finest designs.

As far as the Metaverse is concerned, they again will be consulting with the Community to get their insights on how to develop the Metaverse World for Smircs NFT. Smircs will come to life as the team creates Smircia and Planet Yolo in the Metaverse.

If you love games, this is definitely for you! The Smircs Universe will be licensed for different types of games. As a part of their community, you will have insider updates (Shh! Do not tell anyone), and exclusive early access.

Once all the above-mentioned goals are accomplished, they will be giving back to the community as a gesture of thanking them. Creative projects will be initiated for children, teenagers, and misfits.

And, slowly and gradually, fast forward to certain months or maybe years? They now have a Smirc 3D Sculpture on the Moon. You shouldn’t miss any chance to be a part of their space exploration. Real or Virtual, we do not know the full details yet, but they do have something crazy and exciting in their mind!

Smircs NFT Launch, Growth, And Sales Statistics

Smircs NFT was launched on November 21, 2021. Since then, the sales for Smircs NFT have been fluctuating quite often. However, from December 5 onwards it remained constant and slightly in an upward direction indicating an increase in sales.

As of November 16, 2022, their all-time average price is 0.7129 ETH. Currently, all their Smircs NFTs are sold out. Smircs NFT price prediction can be made depending upon the bids. More the bids, the higher the price, and vice versa.

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Steps To Procure Citizenship In The Smrician Land

Steps To Procure Citizenship In The Smrician Land

So, what makes you wait now? Don’t you want to gain virtual citizenship in the Smircian land and declare a war on Earth? Choose your Smirc now with these steps on how to buy Smircs NFT:

  1. Go to their official website
  2. The main page has 70 Smircs, you can click on them and go to the OpenSea page to buy.
  3. You can also go to Smircs NFT OpenSea web page and connect your wallet.
  4. Since all the Smircs NFT are sold out as of now, you can still be a part of the trade process.
  5. Post this, you will officially be a citizen of Smircia and the fate of the Smircian race shall lie in your hands.


Are Smircs going to control the Earth? Are you going to control the Earth or the Metaverse? All of this is uncertain. Regardless of what comes, you have officially been invited to germinate Smircian citizenships as NFTs.

Believe me or not, but Smircs NFTs have so much for you in their roadmap that you wouldn’t regret giving it a thought. To put it in simple words, just buy it and see what follows.

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