8SIAN NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

The artistic flair of NFTs is unbound, and the 8SIAN NFT stands as a prime example of rich Asian cultural representation. These vibrant and unique NFTs are the brainchild of Nicole, the founder of 8SIAN.

And the amazing 8SIAN NFTs are the works of MrHike, a talented and expressive artist whose contributions to The Last of Us Part 2, Spider-Man for PlayStation 5, and Injustice 2 are unparalleled.

To know more, let us check these elegant and beautiful NFTs that represent Asian women minorities and aim to introduce the 8SIAN Main Collection in Metaverse. We will start with its inception in 2021, pricing, prediction, intended roadmap, and buying tips so you are prepared to mint these exquisite NFTs in no time!


8SIAN NFT items 8888
Number of 8SIAN NFT Owners 4,384
8SIAN NFT Floor price 0.024 ETH
Volume Traded 4,783 ETH

What Is An 8SIAN NFT?

8SIAN NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

The 8SIAN NFT is carefully-crafted, keeping in mind the most complex details that complete this digital Asian and minority representation. There are around 8,888 NFTs of various elegant-looking Asian women with unique features.

You can customize your 8SIAN Main Collection with bright and fancy choices of apparel, eyewear, earrings, face filters, lips accessories, tattoos, skin tones, and more. The focus is on creating an inclusive NFT community that helps inspire, educate, and welcome Asian historical cultures through beautiful artworks.

The goal of 8SIAN is to be a part of Web3 and help the 8SIAN NFT members experience a fascinating digital social space in the Metaverse.

The Lucrative Timeline Of 8SIAN NFT

8SIAN NFT launched with a total supply of 8,888 gorgeous and fashionable arts of Asian women, each imbibing their cultural aesthetics to apparel, accessories, and more. These were released on 28th December 2021 at a mint price of 0.088 ETH + Gas. Its listing is on OpenSea.

With purchased lands existing in Sandbox and Decentraland and plans to connect in Metaverse, the creators of the 8Sian Main Collection aim to help its members socialize online with their personalized virtual avatars.

8SIAN NFT, A Road Map To Representing Asian Heritage On The Blockchain

The 8SIAN Main Collection is a generous set of luxurious NFTs that bring awareness to Asian women and their hardworking communities. They are unique, creative, and beautiful pieces of artistic brilliance that have an unconventional roadmap.

The founder of 8SIAN NFT believes there is more space for growth and development. So creating a roadmap isn’t her priority. Instead, the aim is to educate more people, encourage more Asians, and create a safe community for talented NFT artists. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some great unique points that set these NFTs apart from all others:

  • A supply of 888 8SIAN VIP GOLD PASS (now sold out) for the most loyal members features at a mint price of 0.088 ETH. The past reflects a lifetime membership as thanks for early support.
  • The 8SIAN BESPOKE ARTWORKS are available on OpenSea with 1/1 dedicated NFTs by MrHike
  • 8SIAN Foundation Museum is a project with devs to help all artists and NFT owners experience an amazing platform to showcase and purchase these artistic masterpieces in an all-inclusive community.

The community’s fair and constructive feedback is something the 8ASIAN creators and artists welcome. As a community member, you can cast votes on crucial decisions, add your criticisms, and discuss important details that help the 8SIAN foundation thrive. By listening to your visions and suggestions, they can ideate successful groundwork for 8SIAN.

The creators are working to have the project function as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation or DAO. By doing so, you, as their NFT owner, can manage 2.5% to the DAO (community fund) or the treasury wallet.

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8SIAN NFT Sales Stats And Price Predictions

8SIAN NFT Sales Stats And Price Predictions

Current Floor And Mint Prices

The 8SIAN NFT floor price, as of 14th November 2022, is 0.024 ETH. On the other hand, the 8SIAN NFT mint price is 0.088 ETH + Gas. These stats are currently on OpenSea and the 8SIAN NFT’s official site.

Total Volume Of Sales

The 8SIAN NFT OpenSea stats show the total sales volume as 4,783 ETH. Till 14th November 2022, the sales volume stayed at 4,783.2372 ETH. These are numbers that keep on giving!

The Prediction Data Analysis For 8SIAN NFT

After some great December 2021 events like the 8sian Main Collection presale, Bespoke Collection, and the Integration to Play 2 Earn, the best we can do now is speculate the 8SIAN NFT price prediction and future profitable outcomes! These events brought in enthusiastic owners, valuable members, and some vibrant artworks of rich and colorful Asian cultures and communities.

How To Buy 8SIAN NFT?

How To Buy 8SIAN NFT

You can purchase these aesthetically-pleasing 8SIAN NFTs, regular and event-based (8SIAN Main Collection, for example) from OpenSea. They are available on blocks like Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn.

If you have a MetaMask wallet, buy directly from the official website through a quick and simple chrome extension connection!

Buy Art That Transcends Into Asian Cultures

The 8SIAN NFT has formed a community that welcomes in and fosters the values and beauties of the Asian culture. You can be more than a member of 8SSIAN. Their Blockchain Scholarship program can help you gain immersive knowledge of NFTs.

The future launch of the 8SIAN Foundation Museum is an exclusive experience to enjoy NFT art exhibits in virtual reality. Be a part of this community today!

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