Lil” Heroes NFT Mint Price & Know Everything!

Lil'' Heroes NFT Mint Price & Know Everything!

Lil’ Heroes NFT are a collection of 7,777 NFTs that encapsulate a decade’s worth of work by the exceptional artist Edgar Plans. So precious that even the Lil’ Heroes NFT OpenSea page, calls it: Lil’ Heroes by Edgar Plans NFT. These are bedecked with 150+ attributes and pay homage to about 50+ artworks made by Edgar Plans, throughout the decade.

With its celebrated launch in January 2022, the Lil’ Heroes NFT is off to a grand start. What makes them so legendary? And what do they stand for? With immense socio-political meaning attached to it, this article strives to pay homage to the NFT itself. Its sales, price prediction, and overall details will be covered too!

An Overview Of The Lil’ Heroes NFT

Lil’ Heroes NFT items 7,776
Owners 3,755
Lil’ Heroes NFT Floor price 0.2204 ETH
Volume Traded 18,343 ETH

What Role Does The Lil’ Heroes NFT Play In Modern Society?

Lil'' Heroes NFT Mint Price & Know Everything!

The Lil’ Heroes by Edgar Plans NFT displays brave talent. As regarded by the artist, each Lil’ Heroes NFT serves as a vessel, a medium, to express concerns regarding issues such as sexism, racism, and climate change, and their designs are intricately aligned with these causes. The purpose is to also create a community of socially aware individuals who embody the Lil’ Heroes NFT.

When it comes to its design, these are big-headed yet small-bodied heroes glazed with elements such as a cape, a Batman mask, or even a cap. Every Lil’ Heroes NFT has mouse ears in common, paying tribute to Edgar Plans’ work throughout the decade.

The Day The Lil’ Heroes NFT Arrived

The Lil’ Heroes by Edgar Plans NFT sought asylum on OpenSea in the middle of January 2022. With the new year, a new reason to voice concerns for issues, the community welcomed the Lil’ Heroes NFT drop with open arms.

Later, in the latter half of January, the physical versions of some of these NFTs were showcased in various exhibitions around the world and exquisite museums in places like France. Soon, on the Lil’ Heroes NFT Twitter, their team is to announce exclusive merch for its holders.

Lil’ Heroes By Edgar Plans NFT, Plans To Build The Future

In their timeline, eventually, the Lil’ Heroes NFT take shape and form in the Metaverse, although before that, their team has exclusive merchandise and rewards for its holders. Since the public sale in mid-January went all too well, they are being traded on OpenSea for no less than 2 ETH.

In their roadmap, the most alluring thing is their plan to drop an animated series with the Lil’ Heroes NFT, these shall be airdropped exclusively to its holders! And eventually, it would be put for streaming in collaboration with a revered streaming platform.

The roadmap also brings along several collaborative plans with brands and top auction houses that would go on to display another unique collection for charity.

Lastly, their plans for the Metaverse shall be revealed soon!

Lil” Heroes NFT Sales, Statistics, And The Price Prediction!

Lil'' Heroes NFT Sales, Statistics, And The Price Prediction!

The Currently Observed numbers

The Lil’ Heroes NFT Floor Price stands at a whopping 0.2204 ETH as of November 12th, 2022. Then, the declared Lil’ Heroes NFT Mint Price was around 1 ETH.

The Total Volume That Has Been Traded

As of November 12th, 2022, the Lil’ Heroes by Edgar Plans OpenSea page is undergoing a loopy rise in its traded volume numbers, just in about 3 days, the traded volume stands at 18,343 ETH. With 50% of its sale taking place on the first day of its launch.

The Price Prediction For The Lil” Heroes NFT

Whilst studying the curve, the Lil’ Heroes NFT Price Prediction dictates that the curve is flattening. Since the value, the purpose, and the meaning behind the NFT are being gradually assimilated within the community, the price is hitting a steady plateau. Hence the price is not changing for a while, November 12th, is just 3 days shy, and it’s still close to its 2 ETH per NFT.

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How To Buy Lil” Heroes NFT

Lil' Heroes By Edgar Plans NFT

When it comes to answering the question of how to buy Lil’ Heroes NFT, their team chose to exclusively put the collection out on OpenSea. And the Public sale saw all 7,777 NFT being sold out on the first day, so you can buy one of these Lil’ Heroes NFT at a traded value on the OpenSea Marketplace. The whole experience should cost you a few ETH.

To support The Heroes, Or Not To Support Them?

The Lil’ Heroes by Edgar Plans NFT stand for genuine earthly causes. If your voice aligns with them, then getting in on the trend wouldn’t do any harm.

These NFTs exist in the form of texturized mouse-eared colorful hero figurines. Their being in various heroic situations can be observed on their official website. Holding these comes with much exclusivity, so ponder the question: to support or not to support?

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