WVRPS By WarpSound NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

WVRPS By WarpSound NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

WVRPS by WarpSound NFT project is all about enabling and empowering music creators in the NFT space. Since the last quarter of 2021, several Musical NFT projects have made their way to the headlines due to their features and artistic charisma.

So, if you are a music lover or a music creator yourself, and want to showcase your talent in the digital space, WVRPS by WarpSound NFT may have the best prospects for you.

WVRPS by WarpSound NFT project offers you 9999 Unique NFTs that are a combination of Generative Art and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Music. Launched on 17th January 2022 for presale, WVRPS by WarpSound NFT is now trending at number 38 at the OpenSea Marketplace. The public sale went live just the day after i.e. 18th January 2022. During that time, WVRPS NFT mint price was .08ETH + Gas.

As of today (15th November 2022), WVRPS by WarpSound NFT has 24K followers on Twitter and 7K+ members on Discord.

So, what else is there to know about the WVRPS by WarpSound NFT project?

Here in this article, we are about to uncover some cool facts about WVRPS by WarpSound NFT and the new things it is bringing into the NFT space. Later in the article, we will also try to give you a WVRPS NFT price prediction – so read thoroughly.

WVRPS by WarpSound NFT: Some Quick Facts

Number Of NFTs 9999
WVRPS NFT Floor Price
0.0637 ETH
Total Volume Traded 6,152 ETH
Number Of Owners 4,624 

WVRPS by WarpSound NFT: How They Were Created?

WVRPS By WarpSound NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

WVRPS by WarpSound NFT is an Ethereum-based Music NFT that is created by combing generative PFP art and AI Music. All the WVRPS NFTs were sold out from the official website, but the reveal is set to happen on 21st January 2022.

The WVRPS by WarpSound NFTs were created in 3 layers:

  1. Generated Art Layer: This was the primary part of the creation where the visual art and metadata were generated with the help of Emmy-winning artist and illustrator Andy Poon.
  2. Rarity and Trait Metadata: After that, the hand-drawn trait and rarity metadata were fused to the generative audio system to make each WVRPS by WarpSound NFT unique from the others.
  3. The Music Layer: This is the final stage where the music fingerprint was created. Then it was linked with the initial music through AI to create the vibe and tempo.

Once you own the WVRPS NFT, you can generate new songs or create an entirely new composition all by yourself or by collaborating with the community.

As long as you are the holder of the WVRPS NFT, you are allowed to use it for personal or commercial purposes. Even if you make something unique – something that raises the tempo, the WVRPS NFT team will advertise it for you through their social media accounts.

WVRPS by WarpSound NFT Roadmap: How Are They Planning To Give Back To The Owners?

WVRPS by WarpSound NFT Roadmap How Are They Planning To Give Back To The Owners

WVRPS by WarpSound NFT team is trying to ignite the creativity of the community while encouraging the youth to come forward and create good music – and their roadmap carries proof of that.

The team has already promised to donate 1.5% of the primary sale to two NGOs – Notes For Notes & Guitars Over Guns – both are working hard to infuse the importance of music & art within the youth at a large spectrum.

Apart from that, they are soon going to make an airdrop for loyal holders. The airdrop will include rare collectibles that are made with a combo of art and music. In February 2022, they are also planning to host remix content on a WEB 3.0 platform.

When it comes to joining the Metaverse, the team has promised that the owners can own virtual lands very soon.

They have also promised to offer a VIP music experience to some lucky owners by rewarding them with tickets to EDC Las Vegas 2022.

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WVRPS by WarpSound NFT Market Price: Is This As Good As Their Roadmap?

The public sale went live on 18th January 2022, and today (15th November 2022), the WVRPS by WarpSound NFT project has a trading volume of $5.5k where the average price was $93 – according to nft-stats.com

If we are to review the graph from the OpenSea marketplace, during the presale period (17th January 2022), the average price was 0.15 ETH with a trading volume of 86.39 ETH. On the next day – during the presale period, the average price went up to 0.36ETH with a trading volume of 1386.17 ETH. As of 15th November 2022, the price has gone up by 48% where the average floor price is 0.0637 ETH.

How To Buy WVRPS by WarpSound NFT?

How To Buy WVRPS by WarpSound NFT

As stated above, all the WVRPS by WarpSound NFTs were sold out from the official website during the public sale. Now, you may find them at WVRPS by WarpSound OpenSea marketplace.

The revealing is due on 21st January 2022, but you can bid on the WVRPS by WarpSound NFTs by connecting your digital wallet with the OpenSea platform.

Conclusion: Should I Own This?

The project went public only 2 days ago (18th January 2022), so it would be too early to make any concrete predictions. But as we all know that the music NFTs are becoming the driving factor in the Defi space, so buying WVRPS NFTs could be a profitable endeavor.

Besides, there are some big names that are directly linked to the WVRPS by WarpSound NFT project, which only increases its credibility. The team has experience in Digital art, Music, Blockchain technology, and marketing – so we can only assess that things may go in favor of the WVRPS NFT project.

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