Lives of Asuna NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

Lives of Asuna NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

Lives of Asuna NFT is a collection of 10,000 characterized NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain. It’s one of the first attempts to breathe life into the world of Web 3. Inspired by the sci-fi Anime-esque design of Zumi and Hagglehish, the Lives of Asuna NFT is a portrayal of a girl named Asuma, taking various avatars across the multiverse.

Her stories spiral out differently depending on the mystery Lives of Asuna NFT, once purchased. She might be a singer in one, a ninja warrior in another.

Jump in, as we explore how her lives branch out, the statistics and numbers it holds, and the project’s bewitching roadmap. Read along.

A Brief Overview Of The Lives Of Asuna NFT Project

Lives of Asuna NFT items 10,000
Owners 4,777
Lives of Asuna NFT Floor price 0.0399 ETH
Volume Traded 22,890 ETH

Each Life Tells A Story: The purpose Of The Lives of Asuna NFT

Lives of Asuna NFT Mint Price, Roadmap & More

The Lives of Asuna NFT comes with a creatively orchestrated story. To each of its holders, the NFT adds interactiveness by allowing the holder to customize it, with special items sprinkled along as NFTs.

Out of the 10,000 Lives of Asuna NFT, 5 of them are legendary and regarded as ultra-rare by the community, they are deployed separately from the rest, and will have their own sale. The rest will in turn increase their value.

The purpose of the NFT is to gift the Anime fandom with something (or someone) of their own, Asuna. Asuna, being a musician in one of her lives, shall also publish her music as NFTs.

Important Dates For The Lives of Asuna NFT Project: The Life Cycle Of Asuna

In early January 2022, the Project made its first appearance on Twitter, and later, the website came with announcements for the Minting system, and roadmap. With January 2nd week, arching atop, the whitelist opportunity was announced on their official Discord.

January 27th saw the Minting of the Lives of Asuna NFT for the whitelisters. Later, people applied for the Public Sale. On January 31st, one day from the inception of this article, the Public sale raffle results are to be announced. Most of the dates for the roadmap after this sale are still to be declared.

Lives of Asuna NFT: Roadmap Across The Multiverse

Lives of Asuna NFT Roadmap Across The Multiverse

This section explores the roadmap for the Project. Post the official launch, now their team plans to put out their 5 ultra-rare Lives of Asuna NFTs. If you wish to be a part of their legendary collection, you must try this!

After that, their team shall put out items/accessories as NFTs, which shall intensify the value of that particular Lives of Asuna NFT. With this, you will be able to customize your Asuna NFT and make it more unique and rare. As a result, the project seems more enticing.

Asuna also identifies as a musician and her music shall be officially put out by the team as NFTs. This music is said to have a motivating gush effect on the holders, so as for them to decide what accessories to purchase. For all those who love electronic music and anime, this project entwines the elements of both.

Eventually, more items will be put out, in multiple phases across the year. As the project expands, you will find your NFT equipped with different traits, accessories, and outfits.

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Sales And Statistics For The Lives of Asuna NFT

Sales And Statistics For The Lives of Asuna NFT

The Current Price For The NFT

As of November 16th, the Lives of Asuna NFT floor price is 2.39 ETH. For the whitelisters, the Lives of Asuna Mint Price was set at 0.08 ETH. And for the ones in the public sale, the Mint Price was 0.2 ETH, as listed on the Lives of Asuna OpenSea page.

The Total Traded Volume For The NFT

The total traded volume stands at 22,890 ETH, as of November 16th. With the daily average values stabilizing at 200 NFT sold per day, with an average price of 2 ETH at the very least.

The Price Prediction For The Lives of Asuna NFT

The Lives of Asuna NFT Price Prediction states that the price is going to shoot up. With the Public sale on 31st January, where lucky raffle winners are to be announced, the hype goes up. And most of the Project’s new ideas remain veiled, the growth has scope to flow.

How Can You Get This Lives of Asuna NFT?

As officially listed on OpenSea, that pretty much sums up the answer to the question of how to buy Lives of Asuna NFT. Once the wallet is verified, with a couple of ETH in it, you should be good to go.

Let There Be Life: The End

The Lives of Asuna NFT team showcases how evident their love for the Anime craft is. And their craftsmanship can be, shall be seen in the new ideas their team comes up with and announces on Twitter. That’s why, in all, the Project proves to be a successful one in the eyes of attention to NFT detail admirers.

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