X Rabbit Club NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know !

X Rabbit Club NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know!

These X Rabbits Club NFT bunnies are here to hop high! Seeing all the rage in the NFT marketplace about NFTs which have animal characters, XRCDeployer and Lengtoo are here with their own NFT collection based on bunnies.

X Rabbits Club NFT is a series of algorithmically generated 7502 unique rabbits. They have been created by varying over 200 distinctive traits and each bunny is rare in its own way.

Careful consideration has been taken to make sure each X Rabbits NFT rabbit has variations in their eye color, the color of their fur, and also their expressions to distinguish them apart.

Not just that, but each rabbit has its own style and aesthetic since the creators have meticulously picked out their wardrobes, accessories, head-dresses as well as their backgrounds.

X Rabbits NFT’s liquidity is guaranteed by the Ethereum Blockchain and they are stored on the IPFS.

A Brief Overview Of X Rabbit Club NFT

Launch Date January 16, 2022
X Rabbits Club NFT Mint Price 0.0502 ETH
X Rabbits Club NFT Items 7,499
Unique Owners 3,045
X Rabbits Club NFT Floor Price (Current) 0.0307 ETH
Volume Traded 8.3K ETH

The X Rabbits Club NFT is launched by the popular Chinese emoji IP Lengtoo. Lengtoo was launched in 2010 and has over 65 million followers across the globe. X Rabbits Club NFT is going to be Langtoo’s stepping stone into the Metaverse.

The core team of X Rabbits NFT consists of two members, Yishuihan who is the Founder, and Sky who manages the Operations.

Yishuihan’s tweet where he discusses the story of what led to the creation of X Rabbits NFT won hearts all over Twitter. The community rallied to support him and shower him with likes and re-tweets.

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X Rabbits Club NFT Initial Sale And Mint Price

X Rabbit Club NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know!

The pre-sale of X Rabbits NFT was on January 16, 2022, on their official website. It was followed by a public sale on January 17, 2022, which was also on their official website.

The X Rabbits Club NFT mint price was 0.0502 ETH + gas. The X Rabbits Club NFT floor price was .81 ETH. All the 7502 X Rabbits NFTs were sold in the first 20 seconds of the sale going live!

X Rabbit Club NFT Partnerships

One of the USPs of X Rabbits NFTs is the fact that they have partnered with established players in the NFT game. They have a partnership with CryptoPunks, which is considered one of the most successful NFT collectibles of all time.

CryptoPunk NFT owners had been whitelisted for the presale event of X Rabbits NFT. Cobo Cryptocurrency wallet and Binance NFT are also two of X Rabbits Club NFTs partners because of which experts claim that this project has a lot of merits.

Moreover, X Rabbits Club NFT has also partnered with NFT Scan, Element NFT Market, Mask Network, etc, and had several AMA sessions for the community on these platforms before their launch.

X Rabbits Club NFT Roadmap

X Rabbits Club NFT has very ambitious plans in its Roadmap.

The people who would gain the most from these plans are going to be the ones who hold their X Rabbits Club NFTs for the long term because they get to be whitelisted for subsequent NFT projects launched by XRCDeployer and Lengtoo. Also, they would get exclusive limited edition physical merchandise and accessories.

They are also planning on building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which would consist of X Rabbits Club NFT owners. They would get voting rights and other privileges to steer the project towards even more ambitious goals.

The ultimate goal of the project is to get established in the Metaverse. They have plans of purchasing lands in the metaverse where they can build an X Rabbits Club from where they can broadcast events related to the Club. They also have plans of developing games through which owners can earn X Rabbits Club NFTs.

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How To Buy X Rabbits Club NFT

How To Buy X Rabbits Club NFT

All the primary sales of X Rabbits NFT took place on their website and now they can be traded in the secondary marketplace, Open sea. Currently, there are 3,045 unique owners of X Rabbits NFTs and the volume traded is 8,392 ETH.

The X Rabbit #3699 was sold for the highest price yet, 29.5 ETH. Whereas, X Rabbit #94 has been favored the most times.

This is according to data available on X Rabbits Club Opensea as of November 09, 2022.

It is advisable to beware of counterfeits on Opensea and ensure that you always use the official page.

X Rabbits Club NFT Price Prediction

Since X Rabbits NFT has just been launched on January 16, 2022, there isn’t enough technical and fundamental data to make precise price predictions regarding the NFT collectible.

But it is noteworthy to mention that the fervor in the community and the kind of engagement that has been built on Discord and Twitter reflects that the future for this NFT Collectible is very bullish.

X Rabbits Club is one of the most ambitious NFT projects to be launched this year. Their association with Lengtoo and partnerships with CryptoPunks, Binance NFT, Cobo exchange, etc are all factors that are in favor of this project. Moreover, the Metaverse plans are exciting and this is definitely a project we should all look forward to.

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