Fomo Mofo NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

Fomo Mofo NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

Fomo Mofo NFT Project is a colorful world that we all admire, love, and want to grow up in. Believe it or not, you are going to have FOMO if you don’t buy this NFT. 8008 Fomo Mofo NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain, all of them exquisitely hand-drawn by artist Jasper Wong.

Today, let us envision the colorful Planet FOMO, and learn more about the idea, traits, and NFT collection. Besides, we will also cover what their future plans are for us, and for the community that believes in the project. We will also take a closer look at Project Fomo Mofo NFT’s growth statistics.

Overview Of Fomo Mofo NFT

Total Items 8.0K
Owners 4.1K
Fomo Mofo NFT Floor Price 0.013 ETH
Volume Trade 7.0K

Why So Many Colors? What Is Fomo Mofo NFT?

Fomo Mofo NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know

Rainbows represent diversity, and different colors united in the sky. Similarly, Fomo Mofo NFT is a conglomeration of people who love art, food, culture, movies, cartoons, anime, crypto, NFTs, comics, video, games, etc. This evidently justifies why the website has a rainbow and a name that is creative in itself. The project is so artistic in nature that it connects us, all to like-minded people.

The Fomo Mofo NFT project is a platform for those spirited individuals who can bond and talk about stories that captivate them. If you love FOMO, you are at the right place! Now is the time to stop feeling guilty about having FOMO. This is a project for the community, by the community. Do you need any more reasons to be a part of the FOMO MOFO community?

FOMIES, the Fomo Mofo NFTs are unique, designed with hundreds of traits. Out of 8008 NFTs, there is a set of rare FOMO MOFOs and also 10 super rare 1-of-1 NFTs. As an owner of FOMO MOFO NFT, you can set up the digital art as PFP.

Alongside, you will also get access to a community where the utility of your NFT will increase over time. You can participate in the FOMIE Community Treasury. After the public sale, this treasury will be seeded with funds. In a nutshell, a door of opportunities shall open in Planet FOMO for you.

A total of 22 variables are used in order to design the background of the Fomo Mofo NFTs. These designs include solid colors, illustrations, or gradients. From water to the moon, the setting of the NFT collection is alluring. The team has an eye for detail, for they have rarity within their NFTs with a variety of variables for skin, body, piercings, headwear, etc.

Not-So-Far Away Goals: Fomo Mofo NFT Roadmap

All you fomies, you trusted FOMO MOFO NFT, hence the team brings to you an exciting journey.

  • First Phase- 25% Sold- Dance by Jasper, as casual and normal as it sounds, it is not!
  • Second Phase- 35% Sold- Jasper’s Wasabi Experience, a tearful one.
  • Third Phase- 50% Sold- A pie on Jasper’s face by his kids.
  • Fourth Phase- 75% Sold- Pole dance by Jasper, even better!
  • Fifth Phase- 100% Sold- To thank the Fomo Mofo NFT community for their participation and trust, Jasper will design his 1 of 1 super rare NFT on video.

Fun, isn’t it? Do not worry, they still have surprises for you, and a secondary roadmap will be formed post-mint. Till then, hold on to this roadmap.

Fomo Mofo NFT Growth And Price Prediction

Fomo Mofo NFT Growth And Price Prediction

From January 16, 2022 (when it was first launched) till date, Project Fomo Mofo NFT has surpassed its growth and sales. As of January 18, the all-time average price is at 0.5594. Their sales have gone upwards, indicating an increase.

Fomo Mofo NFT price prediction can be done on the basis of the above information wherein we can predict that the prices are going to go up. As of January 18, 2022, the project is at its early stage, and the community is waiting for the roadmap to be unveiled. With this, there is a buzz moment trying to figure out what the membership will give them access to.

How To Buy Fomo Mofo NFT

Now that you have made up your mind to be a part of this larger community and feel belong, have a quick look at this guide on how to buy Fomo Mofo NFTs:

  1. Connect your wallet to the official website of Fomo Mofo (
  2. You could buy from the website during the initial launch.
  3. Now that the launch is over, you can visit the Fomo Mofo NFT OpenSea webpage.
  4. Through OpenSea you can buy and sell fomies.


Are you ready to experience a colorful world where art meets FOMO, FOMO meets passion, and passion meets NFTs? Fomo Mofo NFTs have captured the spotlight in the NFT space. Together, with like-minded people, wait for the fomies to reveal their future goals.

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