Stubborn Ape Society NFT Mint Price And Everything To Know

Stubborn Ape Society NFT Mint Price And Everything To Know

Are you ready to take over the digital space with the Stubborn Ape Society NFT? These badass monkeys are ready to help you access exclusive events, merch, giveaways, and multiple other membership benefits as part of the ape crew! The best part is you can even breed these NFTs to create the 2nd Generation!

So what are the privileges of holding these Stubborn Ape Society NFTs? How does the future look for the project? Let us monkey around with the NFTs’ features, official roadmaps, price planning, and more details to prepare for the drop!

Ape Society NFT Quick Overview

Stubborn Ape Society NFT Items 66
Stubborn Ape Society NFT Owners 44
Stubborn Ape Society NFT Floor price       –
Stubborn Ape Society NFT Mint Price (Pre-Sale) 0.06 ETH
Stubborn Ape Society NFT Mint Price (Public Sale)  0.08 ETH + Gas
Volume Traded       –

(The above details stand valid as of 09th Jan 2023)

The Stubborn Ape Society NFTs Introduction

Stubborn Ape Society NFT Sales And Stats

Now you might wonder, who are these Stubborn Ape Society NFTs? Well, they are your exclusive rights to private events, Metaverse meets, merchandise, NFT breeding benefits, and more! These 7,000 3D unique, vibrant, and jazzy NFTs come with 100 exciting traits.

Once you mint these NFTs, you become part of a private club that will shower you with endless rewards. You can use these NFTs as your profile picture for bragging rights and even sell them for profitable returns. The team aims to build a community that can make fruitful and long-term investments in the project.

Stubborn Ape Society NFT Launch And Important Dates

According to the official Stubborn Ape Society NFT website, the NFTs launch on 16th April 2022 at 12 PM EST. The Whitelist presale, on the other hand, will take place on 14th April at 5 PM EST. The team has announced that there will be two presales before the public launch.

The team’s Twitter account and Discord servers host WL spot giveaways for enthusiastic future Stubborn Ape Society NFT holders.

Stubborn Ape Society NFT Mint Price + Gas

For the Stubborn Ape Society NFT presale, the team has announced the mint price to be 0.06 ETH for all Whitelist members. And the Stubborn Ape Society NFT mint price for public sale is 0.08 ETH + Gas. There are also official statements on two presales. You can check out the Official Twitter and Discord channels to know more about it.

The Stubborn Ape Society NFT Adventurous Roadmap

The Stubborn Ape Society NFT roadmap is a fun trip around the carefully-crafted plans that the team has for the months ahead. Let us take a sneak peek at what is in store:

For the Basics (0 to 10%), the team created high-quality 3D NFTs that earned a respected spot among collectors. They worked hard to build friendly and inclusive community spaces where members could interact and thrive as profitable investors.

Up next is The Give Aways (10-20%). The team is now holding various giveaways and competitions on social media channels to pick out lucky winners for some fantastic gifts! There will be different events till the launch date, where you can win NFTs, merchandise, signed art pieces, and more! There are weekly member giveaways with prizes like 0.05 ETH and $10,000!

For the Project Launch (20-40%) on 16th March 2022, the team has planned to release 7,000 3D Stubborn Ape Society NFTs to the Ethereum blockchain. You can join their exclusive collectors’ society if you mint a legendary Stubborn Ape during this event!

The Exclusive Member-only Merchandise (40-60%) will be available post-launch for all NFT holders!

There will also be a breeding feature where you can breed two Stubborn Ape Society NFTs to create a 2nd Gen Rare Stubborn Ape. The final step in the Stubborn Ape Metaverse is to host exciting private events!

Stubborn Ape Society NFT Rarity

The Stubborn Ape Society NFT rarity values will derive from the 100 unique traits that each Ape will hold. Moreover, the breeding ability in the future will grant you access to more rarity values from the rare Gen 2 NFTs! And if you hit the jackpot, you might even win $10,000!

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Stubborn Ape Society NFT Sales And Stats

Floor Price and Mint Price

According to the team, the Stubborn Ape Society NFT mint price for presale will be 0.06 ETH, and for the public sale, 0.08 ETH + Gas. We can know more about the floor price after the Stubborn Ape Society NFTs launch.

Sales Volume

We can find out more about the much-anticipated sales volume after the 16th April launch through the official Stubborn Ape Society NFT OpenSea page.

Stubborn Ape Society NFT Price Prediction

With exciting projects such as merch prizes, signed art pieces, cash prizes, NFT breeding, and Metaverse event planning, you can fully expect the prices to soar into profitable results!

How To Buy Stubborn Ape Society NFT And From Where?

How To Buy Stubborn Ape Society NFT And From Where

Are you wondering about how to buy Stubborn Ape Society NFTs? Then let us go through the step-by-step guide below and find out today!

Step 1: Exchange Account

For the first step, set up your exchange account with either Gemine exchange or coinsmart exchange. If this is your first time investing in NFTs, then coinsmart exchange can be a helpful pick as it offers a $20 signing bonus. You can use this for your investment purposes and start with this as your savings.

And if you are an experienced investor, Gemine exchange can be super helpful!

Step 2: Buy Ethereum

After you opt for one exchange of your choice, share your KYC details for approval. Once you receive the approval for the exchange, you can now buy Ethereum with Fiat currency.

The Stubborn Ape Society NFTs will be launched on the Ethereum Blockchain as Ethereum 721 tokens.

Step 3: Setup Your Metamask Wallet

In this step, all you need to do is to set up your Metamask wallet, write down the seed phrase and be careful not to share it with anyone else.

Step 4: Transfer Ethereum to Wallet

After setting up your Metamask wallet, transfer your stored Ethereum from the chosen exchange.

Step 5: Connect with the Marketplace Using Your Metamask

Visit OpenSea, and you will find the “Connect Wallet” on the top right of the page. Now, you can scan your wallet or type out the wallet address to connect it physically.

Step 6: Buy Your Stubborn Ape Society NFT

You can search out one Stubborn Ape Society NFT and click on Purchase or submit an offer. The platform will then send the chosen NFT to your wallet, making you its rightful owner.

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Final Thoughts

The Stubborn Ape Society NFTs are brimming with profitable and fun possibilities! Their unique traits, cool merchandise, exciting prizes, and breeding features make them a rightful bragging right for anyone interested in these NFTs. So are you prepared for this much-awaited launch?? (c)

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