Jenkins The Valet NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know !

Jenkins The Valet NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know !

Jenkins the Valet NFT is Ape #1798 and is one of the 10,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. The owner of the NFT has set out to create a blockchain-based novel, and the character plus story arc is going to be decided by The Writer’s Room holders.

Read more to find out the different Jenkins the Valet NFTs and how they will play a part in the book. You will also get a thorough analysis of the price details along with sales statistics, trading volume, and more.

The Writer’s Room NFT Overview

Jenkins the Valet: The Writer’s Room 6,942
Owners 2.8K
Jenkins the Valet NFT  Volume 7,128 ETH
Jenkins the Valet NFT Floor Price  0.24 ETH

Using The Writer’s Room NFTs In Jenkins The Valet NFT Story!

Jenkins The Valet NFT Mint Price & Everything To Know !

Jenkins the Valet belongs to a 10x bestselling author of the New York Times. He is writing a novel, and the content created will be based on voting done by apes/mutants from Bored Ape Yacht Club. Ape NFT holders will have to get Writer’s Room NFT for taking part in the novel.

There are 4 tiers of Writer’s Room NFTs with different voting power for the entire content created. Moreover, every Writer’s Room NFT holder can also license their ape/mutant in the book.

NFTs By Jenkins The Valet Mint Price And Launch Date

The Writer’s Room NFTs are unique, and there will be no future additions to the collection. The NFTs were launched in August 2021, and the team also organized a town hall to answer all the queries. Moreover, all NFTs had the same price for minting (0.069420 ETH), and the process was completely random.

Which Writer’s Room NFT To Get?

There are 4 tiers of Jenkins the Valet NFTs in the collection that offers different perks to the holders.

  1. Yachts NFTs: These are the rarest, with only 69 yachts that offer NFT holders 215 votes on a single proposal and the option to license and feature their avatar as a character in the upcoming Writer’s Room novel.
  2. Valet stands: With only 297 valet stands, the NFT holder will get 50 votes on a single proposal along with the option to license the avatar as an extra for the book.
  3. Yacht keys: 1371 Yacht keys NFTs provide holders 10 votes on a single proposal and the option to license the ape/mutant in a game within the book.
  4. Valet tickets: 5205 Valet tickets offer NFT holders 5 votes on a single proposal and the option to license and feature the ape/mutant in the book’s acknowledgments.

Apart from licensing, the holders will also get a free Book 1 NFT for each Writer’s Room NFT, which will play a role in triggering Roadmap 2.0.

Analyzing Writer’s Room NFT Sales: Already A Top-Selling Book!

Analyzing Writer's Room NFT Sales Already A Top-Selling Book!

Writer’s Room NFT: Floor Price, Average Price, And Price Range

As per OpenSea, Jenkins the Valet NFT floor price ( Writer’s Room NFTs) is 0.24 ETH, and the price ranges between 0.24 ETH to 2 ETH and more. Also, as per NFT stats, the average cost of Writer’s Room NFTs in the last 7 days ( 05 Nov 2022- 11 Nov 2022 ) was $790, with 16 NFTs traded.

Trading Volume: Millions Before The Book Is Even Released!

As per Jenkins the Valet OpenSea page, the trading volume of Writer’s Room NFTs to date is 7.1K ETH.

Also, according to NFT stats, the 7-day trading volume was $12.6k. Moreover, the top and lowest 10 percent NFTs were sold for $4508 or higher and $1781 or less, respectively. And, about half of the sales were for $2594 and less. Also, a yacht was sold on Nov 11, 2022, for $7.4k.

Jenkins The Valet NFT Price Prediction

The NFTs provide utility to Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT holders, and Creative Artists Agency or CAA is helping in scaling this blockchain-based book. Also, the team even aims to make podcasts, films, and much more content related to this project.

As the demand for Bored Ape Yacht Club rises, this collection provides them an opportunity to earn profit from the primary plus secondary sales of the book to the public. This makes these NFTs valuable, and holding them for the long run will help yield lucrative, passive rewards.

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How To Get Your Hands On Writer’s Room NFTs

How To Get Your Hands On Writer's Room NFTs

Jenkins the Valet NFTs are all sold out on the official website and are now available at OpenSea and Nifty Gateway. Jenkins the Valet NFT how to buy is not difficult and can be done in exchange for ETH, WETH, and DAI tokens.

Writer’s Room NFT: Cop Or Drop?

Jenkins the Valet NFT brings a new form of NFT utility and serves as a precedent for authors to take part in blockchain-based books.

Moreover, the book is being written by Neil Strauss, and his huge following along with a staunch Jenkins the Valet Twitter community will help drive the project forward. Also, getting these one-ok-a-kind NFTs will provide an ape/mutant holder access to an exclusive club where they can use their avatar. (c).

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