Bigfoot Town NFT Mint Price And To Know Everything

Bigfoot Town NFT Mint Price And To Know Everything

Unveiling the untold story with Bigfoot Town NFTs, the creators bring a new platform into the metaverse for individuals to find their Paradise.

The collection is more than just any other digital token as it unlocks the Yggdrasil Paradise, which brings all the magical realms to reality. With BigFoot leading the elemental creatures of Paradise, this MetaFantasy world is everything that one can think of.

With plans to operate the project as GameDAO, the team is preparing to achieve new roads which none have in the Web3 application world. This article brings in all the relevant information available on the project and simplifies the same to address major questions often asked by users.

Answering different questions like where to buy the Bigfoot Town NFT from and analyzing its rarity at the early stage, let’s dig into the world of fantasies with this article.

What Is Bigfoot Town NFT?

Yggdrasil, the god of Paradise, worried about losing her galaxy to the Parasite God army, has finally chosen to use the forbidden ancient chants, which disturb the law of equality in Paradise.

Disturbing the different realms of the universe, the Parasite god has to utilize herself as a power source which ultimately weakens her army. This disturbance creates a bridge between the two worlds and allows Yggdrasil to build her army.

Unlocking the true power of her universe, new avatars are born in the form of Bigfoot (also known as Saviours). All the Bigfoot Town NFT Solana available to the NFT holders are saviors whose ultimate goal is to protect the galaxy from the Parasite god.

While that sums up the story, for now, the creators are smart enough to leave the upcoming chapters untold. As the game progresses into a new world, the team will unveil their plan to operate around the two worlds.

Bigfoot Town NFT Important Dates

Bigfoot Town NFT Important Dates

While all of you must be curious to know more about the Bigfoot Town NFT mint price and date, the creators are still deciding on the same. As of 6th June 2022, the creators are working on the Whitelist and offering several giveaways on their Twitter channel. Individuals who joined their discord channel on time are lucky enough to be part of the team and decide on the upcoming story.

With different giveaways priced between 0.5 SOL to 10 SOL, users can expect the Bigfoot Town NFT mint price to hover around the same.

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Bigfoot Town NFT Roadmap Analysis

The Bigfoot Town NFT is a wonderful opportunity for users to get involved in the GameDAO, which has never happened before. While the team focuses on creating an impressive virtual gaming experience, they also want to create a community where talented souls can find an opportunity to contribute with their imagination. With different BigFoot gatherings, the Twitter channel provides an exclusive platform for people to share their stories.

Similarly, users can also look forward to fantastic events hosted by the team, which will ultimately strengthen the core value on which the project relies. The project has already brought in some of the most talented creators to bring the fantasies into reality. The metaverse will help to meet the exciting endeavor, which has intriguing details for the users to explore from.

While the usual NFT projects provide access to community channels, the Bigfoot Town NFT collection is much more than that. When a user becomes a part of the community, they get access to exclusive tools which help in NFT development and marketing to strategizing the crypto wallet properly. Apart from it, NFT holders will also get access to different Blockchain Analytic Tools which will simplify the due diligence process in the future.

Bigfoot Town NFT Rarity Explained

While the team hasn’t revealed much about the same, users can guess the attributes from the NFT gallery itself. Disguised with adorable faces and big feet, the Bigfoot Town NFT comes in different colors and traits. As seen in the NFT gallery, some of the superpowers available to the characters will be Fire, Water, Atmosphere, and Earth.

Apart from it, users can also expect to see witchcraft and other such fantasies come into reality. With mystical powers in hand, the user will have to work around the metaverse to strengthen his NFTs into something powerful to fight against the Parasite God.

Bigfoot Town NFT Floor Price

Bigfoot Town NFT Floor Price

Users can expect to see the Bigfoot Town NFT floor price on the secondary marketplaces where the NFT collection will be listed. The floor price for any NFT is decided upon by the market hype created for the same. However, rarely does any NFT collection has a floor price below their official mint price. This will also fluctuate the Bigfoot Town NFT price in the long run.

Where To Buy The Bigfoot Town NFT?

As the mint date is unveiled by the team, users must prepare well to purchase the same from the official website using the wallets mentioned by the creators. As the Bigfoot Town NFT collection is based on Solana Blockchain, users can anticipate all the prices to be set in SOL.

The Bigfoot Town NFT Solana will soon be available on the secondary market once all the NFTs available are sold. Users can expect the project to be listed on reputed marketplaces like Solanart or MagicEden. However, no such claims have been made by the team yet.

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The Bigfoot Town NFT is the next big thing in the Web3 application segment. As different news related to the project is unveiled, users must keep a keen eye on the updates and revise their due diligence related to the project. It is also mandatory to consider the Bigfoot Town NFT rarity as it justifies the Bigfoot Town NFT price.

Therefore, stick with the team and purchase the collection on the NFT mint date. (c)

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