How To Enter The Metaverse With Sandbox ? Know Everything !

Sandbox metaverse how to join

Wondering how to enter the metaverse on the Sandbox website? Clueless about what is the metaverse and its connection with blockchains and NFTs? Read this article to find the answers for joining the Metaverse with Sandbox. 

Since 2021, the metaverse has been creating ripples in the business, finance, and technology worlds. At the core of Facebook’s overhaul as Meta or Microsoft’s launch of a virtual collaboration platform – Mesh, lies the metaverse. Moreover, many celebs, corporates, and moneyed individuals are purchasing digital lands and collectibles in the metaverse for millions

Read ahead to understand the metaverse entry process with the Sandbox website. 

A Detailed Guide On How To Enter The Metaverse With Sandbox: Step By Step

Entering the metaverse is a straightforward procedure. Moreover, users can pursue some activities within the metaverse at Sandbox. This section will explain how to set foot on a metaverse and how to enter the metaverse with a step-by-step metaverse entry guide that describes how to go inside the Sandbox metaverse.

1. Click the “Sign in” tab in the upper right corner of the Sandbox Metaverse Website’s homepage.

How To Enter The Metaverse With Sandbox

2. Sign up using a wallet or social media (SM) account.

Sandbox Metaverse supports many wallets like Coinbase, Brave, Wombat, etc., but we recommend Metamask. If you don’t want to install a wallet plugin, connect to Bitski directly from your e-mail. Similarly, you can log in using your Twitter, Google, or Facebook accounts through Sandbox’s Venly integration. 

3. Sandbox Metaverse will create a unique Ethereum wallet address for users logging in using social accounts. Protect the wallet with a 4-6 digit PIN.

4. Type your e-mail & nickname and hit the “Continue” tab. The nickname can contain A-Z, a-z, and 0-9, but no special characters.

5. Click the “Create Avatar” tab on the Sandbox homepage. 

The Sandbox “Metaverse Avatar Creator” tool has 39+ predesigned embodiments with customizable skin tones and apparel colors. You can also customize the head, shirt, pants, and shoes individually.  Boost your traits and tap the “Save Changes” button.

6. Complete your profile by clicking the “Settings” tab.

  • General settings: On this sandbox Metaverse page, modify your e-mail & username, if needed. Input personal information (name, web address, description) and SM links (Youtube, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter).
  • Security and password: Safeguard your profile with a distinct passcode.
  • Chain settings: This new add-on supports gasless Polygon transactions via Biconomy and wrapped transactions using mSAND.

7. Explore the Sandbox Alpha Lobby and the SandBox Metaverse.

Play games, find quests and unlock new adventures. Users can earn blockbuster rewards like Raffle tickets, SAND tokens, exclusive NFTs, giveaways, etc., and interact with a large metaverse player community to make new friends.

You can also create gaming experiences using Sandbox’s codeless game-maker toolkit. Besides, gaming environments and land parcels can be populated with voxel assets created using VoxEdit.

However, you require an Alpha Pass NFT ticket to explore the Sandbox Alpha Metaverse- a periodic P2W event. The pass can be purchased on OpenSea or obtained by winning daily contests and buying land NFTs. But how to enter the metaverse for free?  The Sandbox allows you to access three gaming experiences and Alpha Hub without the Pass

Lastly, the Sandbox map shows the metaverse layout and helps users quickly locate their estates, neighborhoods, and plots for sale.

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Should You Navigate A Metaverse?

Powered by blockchain currencies, present-day metaverses are boundless 3D cyberspaces fostering social relationships among digital beings. They propel the creator economy as storehouses of user-generated content and entertainment with real-time events, games, NFT emporiums, animations, and enticing sceneries.

Now that you know what is the metaverse and how to enter the Sandbox metaverse, lose yourself on a planet where the virtual camouflages with the real.


  • Is The Sandbox Metaverse Open To All?

Yes. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast, NFT buff, art lover, content creator, or just a curious layperson, you can access sandbox metaverse. However, only users with valid tickets/passes would be granted entry to paid events, sites, museums, or galleries on the metaverse.

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