Dapper Ape High Society NFT Mint Price And How To Buy

Dapper Ape High Society NFT Mint Price And How To Buy

Dapper Ape High Society NFT is a collection of 5,555 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain, a project that wishes to disrupt the Metaverse ecosystem on the Blockchain, by bringing new Build Your Own Ape Technology, and 3D-item utility. The Dapper Ape High Society NFT also joins hands for social causes and tries to bring forward real-world positive implications of their NFTs.

This article shall list down the perks and trends as seen with the Dapper Ape High Society NFT. It’s sales, mint, statistics, and roadmap. Read along!

The Dapper Ape High Society NFT Brief Overview

Dapper Ape High Society NFT items 555
Dapper Ape High Society NFT Floor price  – SOL
Volume Traded 82.69 SOL

(The above details stand valid as of 10th Jan 2023)

What Is The Dapper Ape High Society NFT?

What Is The Dapper Ape High Society NFT

The Dapper Ape High Society NFT comes embedded with a lot of utility. Right from their choice of Blockchain (Solana, in this case) to their NFT 3D files, the team has intricately thought this through. The reason the team went with Solana, to house their NFTs, is to save up on gas fees due to multiple transactions to customize, mint, build and stake the holders’ NFTs.

The Dapper Ape High Society, with a total of 5555 NFTs, launched 555 as their Genesis mint in February, later, the rest of the Apes were launched in March, after this stage, the Apes could be customized, or built from scratch, these new apes would be called Alpha Apes, and would come with 3D files that can be 3D printed, or launched in Sandbox, as the team works towards integrating their NFTs on their platform.

The main strand of utility the project carries is

  • DAHS Scholarships

Where students get Laptops every month, and scholarships are provided to fund students’ education. This is all tied to the project and can help support the cause.

  • DAHS Incubator

A total of $25,000 shall be raised from the DAHS Tank (Treasury) for ideas within the Blockchain world, and thriving startups.

  • DAHS Radio

A radio with channels for 24*7 Lofi music, and another for hip-hop to be launched, listening to them counts as engagement and thus enlists you in the whitelist.

Dapper Ape High Society NFT Important dates 

The Dapper Ape High Society NFT launch date was on February 19th, when the Genesis mint took place. This featured 555 NFTs. Later, on February 26th, Augmented Reality functionality for their website was released, where the Apes could be seen in AR.

Then, their hackathon and entrance for their scholarship program were launched. In March, their incubator program and Build-An-Ape Mint were launched.

Mint price for the Genesis Mint and the BAA Mint

The Dapper Ape High Society mint price was set to 1 SOL + minimal gas fees since it’s Solana. As of March 24th, the Build-An-Ape Mint is still live.

The Dapper Ape High Society NFT Roadmap

The Dapper Ape High Society NFT Solana’s recent development towards the Metaverse comes with much to offer in its roadmap. Right from the affordable Dapper Ape High Society NFT mint price to the Dapper Ape High Society NFT rarity, everything plays a part in their roadmap.

Their roadmap can be broken down month-wise:

  • Feb-Mar: The first month in their roadmap offered the launch of their Lofi Radio, which contributed to the whitelisting of their Genesis Mint. AR functionality and a hackathon were conducted. The application process for scholarships was launched.
  • Mar-Apr: The incubator program launched, and late March saw the mint for Build-An-Ape technology, where minters could build the ape according to how they wanted. The DAHS official token was launched, this would be used as an in-game currency. And Staking was implemented.
  • Apr +: After April, the team shall conduct integrations in different Metaverse platforms and hold Meetings there. Coming full circle and reaching the goal of a diverse Metaverse.

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The Unique Traits And The Dapper Ape High Society NFT rarity

The Dapper Ape High Society NFT rarity features 24 Base Apes (16 male, 8 female), 50+ Different Outfits, 5 Backgrounds (not including super rare), and more. These are divided into different categories of apes from OG Apes to Alpha Apes, to even Common Apes, these determine the rarity.

The Sales And Statistics For The Dapper Ape High Society NFT Project

How To Buy Dapper Ape High Society NFT

Dapper Ape High Society NFT Floor Price

The Dapper Ape High Society NFT floor price at the time of the launch was 1 SOL. This jump came in line with the benefits the team offers in terms of incubation and scholarships as a part of holding the NFT.

Dapper Ape High Society NFT Total Traded Volume

The total traded volume stands at 82.69 SOL as of Jan 10th, 2023. This graph has seen recent spikes as the Build-An-Ape goes live. This improves engagement with the community and hence promotes more trade.

Dapper Ape High Society NFT Price Prediction

The Dapper Ape High Society NFT price prediction states that it shall steadily rise. The 2 mints have gone live, and now the Apes are being traded in different forms, from the naked ape to the rare Alpha Apes. The floor price sees an upward trend owing to the roadmap displaying activity in the time of April 2022.

How To Buy Dapper Ape High Society NFT?

Thinking about how to buy Dapper Ape High Society NFTs and join their community? Follow these steps and you’re good to go!

If you’re new to NFTs and just beginning your investing journey, you’ll be surprised. You can use the Coinsmart exchange, and you get $20 in your wallet as soon as you register, as a reward! This can help you kick-start your journey toward buying some ETH and setting sail in the NFT world.

The interface is super easy to understand and the steps to register for a wallet there can be seen in the image below.

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced investor, our recommendation for you is the Gemini Exchange, due to its easy-to-use interface and premium security features. Let’s go through the simple steps needed to make your portfolio NFT-full.

Step 1: Set Up Your Gemini Account
To register for a Gemini account, you need to go to the Gemini Exchange official website and “Get Started”
They will ask you for some basic info, like name, mobile number, address, and others.

Step 2: Account Verification
Now your account is created, you will have to verify your identity. Once done, you will be redirected to the Gemini Exchange dashboard where you can see different tokens that you can buy.

Step 3: Adding Funds To Your Gemini Account
To buy the ETH token, you will need to link your Gemini account to your bank account. Once done, you can buy ETH tokens directly from your dashboard.

Step 4: Transfer ETH Coins To Your Digital Wallet
Gemini exchange offers a streamlined feature where you can transfer ETH coins directly to your Digital Wallet, in one swift click. Just visit the Transfer Funds section and put your digital wallet address and the number of ETHs you want to send.

Step 5: Go To OpenSea Or Official Website And Buy NFTs
With enough ETHs, you are all set to become the owner of the NFT Worlds NFTs. Just visit the OpenSea official website or the official website and sign in to your digital wallet by clicking on the “Profile” icon (top-right corner).
Now, place a bid for the Ape that you like, and that’s it! (applicable post-launch)

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Where To Buy Dapper Ape High Society NFT?

Solanart and Solsea is Solana’s biggest NFT Marketplace. As of March 24th, the Dapper Ape High Society NFTs are officially listed on Solsea, and currently, they’re unlisted on Solanart.

Upon connecting your wallet to Solsea, you can directly buy the DAHS NFT of your choice by using Solana’s natural currency, SOL. As for the minting of these NFTs, it can be done via the official website of the Dapper Ape High Society.

In conclusion…

The Dapper Ape High Society NFT is one of its kind. Even though there are a lot of Metaverse-based projects on Solana. The Dapper Ape High Society NFT brings people together for a good cause by using their funds well.

This project also promotes collaboration as seen with the integration of different Metaverse platforms. Due to all this, value is created and this can thus be a good investment.

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