VeeFriends Series 2 NFT Price, Date, Everything To Know !!

VeeFriends Series 2 NFT Price Date

Are you ready for the VeeFriends series 2 NFT hype? That is right, Gary Vee’s second NFT collection installment is live, and you can be a part of it! After the successful launch of Vee Friend NFTs back in May 2021, Gary Vee announced his VeeFriends series 2 NFT series, complete with 55,555 NFTs that went live on 12th April 2022.

So what does the new series of VeeFriends NFTs have in store? For starters, if you are one of the series one NFT holders, prepare for the annual 3-year Web3 conference! So let us take a quick look at the VeeFriends series 2 NFT release date, prices, new characters, predictions, and more! We will make it quick so you can part-take in the VeeFriends series 2 NFT craze soon!

VeeFriends Series 2 NFT Overview

Number of VeeFriends series 2 NFTs  55,555
Vee Friends Total Owners TBC
VeeFriends series 2 NFT Floor price 14.8 ETH
VeeFriends series 2 NFT Mint Price 0.33 ETH
Volume Traded (Opensea) 408 ETH


(The above details stand valid as of 15th April 2022 from Opensea.io)

All About The VeeFriends Series 2 NFTs

VeeFriends Series 2 NFT Price Date

VeeFriends series 2 NFT is a collection of 55,555 NFTs that includes 251 characters in total. Of these 256 are from series 1, while 15 are all new VeeFriends series 2 characters! As one of the latest and more popular launches by Gary Vee, these NFTs are the talk of the blockchain. 

The best part about these new NFTs is that they provide direct access to Gary Vee and his mega-events! Each of these NFTs comes with 220 tokens that you can use to access his events and get to be part of his mind-blowing project!

VeeFriends Series 2 NFT Public Sale (Minting) Dates

VeeFriends Series 2 NFT Public Sale Date And Minting Dates

On 5th April at 1 PM EST, Gary Vee’s project selected 32,000 Book Games tokens and their wallet addresses for the Series 2’s Friends List or VeeFriends series 2 Whitelist. The next important minting dates on the VeeFriends series 2 NFT series are as follows:

  • 12th April 2022: Friends List (Whitelist) with 32,000 NFTs
  • 12th April 2022: Free claim for Series 1 holders with 10,255 NFTs
  • 25th April 2022: Vee Friends Public Mint Launch with 10,000 NFTs
  • 27th April 2022: 3,300 NFTs (15 new characters launch!)

VeeFriends NFT Mint Price + Gas Fees

The VeeFriends series 2 mint price is 0.33 ETH or $995. On 12th April, every series 1 NFT holder was able to claim a free Series 2 NFT of their already-owned character. All they had to do was pay the nominal gas fees. They also received the “Evolving” pose. Each of such poses is the new big trait of the 2nd Series! 

The Ambitious VeeFriends NFT Roadmap

The Ambitious VeeFriends NFT Roadmap

Here is the roadmap that traces the VeeFriends Timeline set for the next few projects!

14th April: Mentor Meeting Mongoose

If you hold a Mentor Meeting Mongoose NFT token, you can meet Gary Vee for 2 hours in New York City once every year on the same day! This token is also your right to admission to the VeeCon 2022-2024!

14th April: Bowling Boa

If you hold one of the 9 Bowling Boa NFTs, you can spend 1 or 2 hours with Gary Vee for a fun bowling session! It is a yearly event that you can enjoy from 2022-to 2024!

18th April: Supper Sunfish

The Supper Sunfish token holder can enjoy a 90-minute dinner with Gary Vee and gain useful insights on various topics!

19th April: Shadow Me Scorpion

If you hold this NFT, you can spend 10 hours shadowing Gary Vee and learning his ambitiously successful ways! This is an annual event from 2022 to 2024.

19th April: Tennis Elbow

If you love Tennish and hold this NFT, you can spend 90 minutes at a tennis court playing against Gary Vee! 

VeeFriends Series 2 NFT Rarity

VeeFriends Series 2 NFT Rarity

Each of the VeeFriends series 2 NFT characters will have 220 tokens. These 220 tokens include 214 1/1 tokens and 6 of 1/1 Character Spectacular tokens. 

The 214 tokens will comprise uniquely generated character combinations with 1 out of the 6 poses. They will also have one of the 55 Series backgrounds behind them.

In the VeeFriends universe, the term “Spectacular” is one of the rarity types and is considered the true 1/1 tokens. 

The 5 Spectacular tokens from Series 1 VeeFriends NFTs Rarity are:

  • Bubblegum
  • Hologram
  • Diamond
  • Lava
  • Gold

And the 6th token is a VeeFriends series 2 character by the name of Emerald. 

Vee Friends Series 2 NFT Sales Volume & Floor Prices 

Vee Friends Series 2 Floor Price (15th April): The current floor price for Vee Friends Series Two NFTs is 1.375 ETH. The selling is still in progress, and we are yet to learn more about the success of this series!

The total sales volume on Opensea as of April 15 2022 is 408 ETH.

VeeFriends Series 2 Price Prediction 

The VeeFriends series 2 NFT holders will be in for a treat with new rarities, backgrounds, and tokens in store! Gary Vee’s, the project is fun, inspiring, and ambitious.

And with offers so rich and exciting with the second series, we expect the prices to soar for this project and the price predictions are to the higher end. 

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How To Buy VeeFriends Version 2 NFT?

After the Vee Friends Series 2 public minting is done on April 25th, 2022, all of them will be available at the VeeFriends Version 2 NFT OpenSea marketplace.

To buy NFTs, you will need to buy cryptocurrencies, for example, the ETH coins. While buying ETH coins or any other cryptocurrencies, you need to ensure that it offers security and an easy-to-use setup – and what can be a better option than the Gemini Exchange itself. 

So, here’s how you can buy crypto coins from Gemini Exchange:

Step 1 ) Signing Up To Your Gemini Account:

Just go to Gemini.com and create your ID (if you don’t have an account) by clicking on the “Get Started” option.

A new page will appear just like the following image where you will have to share some of your details.

Step 2) Verify Your Account:

At this stage, you need to complete your KYC with Gemini exchange by uploading your Passport or Driving License.

Step 3 ) Funding Your Account:

Here, you will have to choose between 3 different methods to add your active bank account with Gemini Exchange. Now, all you have to do is to buy crypto coins from the Gemini dashboard.

Step 4 ) Currency Transaction To Your Digital Wallet:

If you are a Whitelisted member and want to buy VeeFriends Version 2 NFT from the presale or public sale, you can transfer your crypto coins directly to your digital wallet by doing the following:

Go to Transfer Funds> Withdraw from Gemini> Select Destination> Type in your digital wallet address> Continue. You’ll have the funds in your wallet after which you can connect your wallet to the official website, mint page, or the official Opensea page to mint the VeeFriends Version 2 NFTs. Be careful to only connect to official pages as there are many phishing scams out there. 

Note – You can also buy crypto from CoinSmart Exchange. We recommend this exchange for beginners as you receive a 20$ sign-up bonus. 

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Where To Buy Vee Friends Series 2 NFTs

You can buy the VeeFriends series 2 NFTs from the secondary marketplace (OpenSea) post-launch. Selected series 1 holders can also burn book games to avail new characters on 27th April!

You can also participate in the public mint on the 25th of April to mint your Series 2 Vee Friends NFT!

Join Vee Friends Official Website Here


The ongoing Gary’s Vee Friends series 2 mint has stirred the attention of many NFT enthusiasts, having them buy the first series of NFTs to get additional benefits. Exciting rarities, characters, tokens, books games, and more, the project is nothing short of an adventurous experience. Are you ready to join in?


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