Does Elon Musk Own NFTs ? See Elon Musk’s NFT Tweets 2023

Does Elon Musk Own NFTs See Elon Musk's NFT Tweets 2023

Searching for Elon Musks NFT Tweets? Does Elon Musk Own NFTs? If you are wondering “does Elon Musk invest in NFTs?” Find the recent NFT Statements and Tweets here.

Elon Musk, the business magnate that has built an empire with companies like Tesla and SpaceX, is known to have varied opinions on the Blockchain revolution. With a whopping 81 Million followers on Twitter, Elon’s Tweets have a lot of influence.

In the history of his tweets about crypto, Elon Musk has been seen posting memes, wacky tweets about DogeCoin, and surprisingly, a completely crestfallen opinion over NFTs.

This article strives to understand Elon’s perspective on NFTs, and counts down every time the entrepreneur mocked the NFT ecosystem. We’ll also document how Elon Musk Tweets influence the sales of NFTs.

Elon’s Memes Make NFTs Moon! A 28-Year-Old Makes Thousands Off This Tweet! (CNBC)Elon's Memes Make NFTs Moon! A 28 Year Old Makes Thousands Off This Tweet! (CNBC)

Elon Musk is known to be a meme connoisseur. He’s often seen posting memes as tweets. From the wide selection of topics he targets with his memes, he often pens down a quirky one-liner as his tweet, to top the joke off.

This leaves no space to credit the creator of the meme, although, sharing memes is a fair practice in the meme community.

Recently, Elon Musk was seen posting a meme called, ‘Love In The Time Of Web3’, created by 28-year-old, Eva Beylin. This meme showcased a cartoon couple, cuddled in the throes of love, admiring a piece of text on TV.

The TV said Bitcoin and Ether prices to be $69,000 and $4,200 respectively. These numbers drape the walls of comedy in the meme community. This meme, obviously targeted at the crypto fanatics, brought the creator real joy, so much so that she decided to sell that meme as an NFT. Which was then bought for a whopping 5 ETH, or $19,800 at that time.

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Twitter Facilitates NFTs, Elon Doesn’t. Twitter’s New Update Raises Concerns (Business Insider)

Saving NFT images and putting them as Twitter profile pictures was so in fashion. To combat that, Twitter came up with an update that allows users to verify their NFT from OpenSea, and if successfully verified, the circular picture frame takes the shape of a hexagon, to denote that it’s a real NFT.

Upon seeing that, Elon was seen posting that update and calling it, “annoying“. To Elon Musk, this came across as a waste of Twitter’s resources, and his concern lay around the NFT scams that are pulled in the reply section to Elon Musks NFT tweets.

He said, “Twitter is spending engineering resources on this bs while crypto and NFT scammers are throwing a spambot block party in every thread!?”.

Recently, a Twitter user was seen impersonating Elon Musk, thus pulling a scam worth $2 million from unsuspecting victims. This made Elon’s views more radical.

Elon Was This Close To Selling An Nft!? The Denial Of 1.1 Million Dollars (The Verge)

On March 15th, 2022, Elon tweeted a video, which featured a song about NFTs, and to add meta-humor into the mix, Elon Musk tweeted that he would be selling that song as an NFT. Soon, offers started pouring in. Upon receiving an enormous amount of engagement on that tweet, Elon saw an offer for $1.1 million for the NFT.

To the whole Crypto Twitter’s surprise, the very next day after the tweet, he not only denied the offer but also said that selling it doesn’t feel quite right. This close call still doesn’t signify Elon’s breakthrough with NFTs.

Elon’s Mocking Takes A New Stand. An Intersection Between Nfts And Mental Illness (The Byte)

Elon Musk, the ‘Technoking’ of Tesla, recently, dropped another meme on Twitter mocking NFTs. This time, his target audience fell in the mental illness-sensitive community.

Elon was seen with a meme that showed a man, pensive in posture, lying in front of his therapist. The ascension of this joke was achieved by the caption for the image, which said, “These ‘NFTs’ — are they in the room with us right now?”. Mocking the way NFTs define culture in the times of the Web3 internet.

This put the crypto fanatic community in a complete frenzy and came across as tasteless to the mental health community.

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Does Elon Musk Invest In NFTs In 2022?

Does Elon Musk Invest In NFTs in 2022
In terms of speculation, the instances seen above show us a clear picture. It does appear to be that Elon Musk does not invest in NFTs in 2022. This could be due to his concerns for the future, or because of the scams prevalent in the NFT community. As far as memes are concerned, Elon voraciously posts them, and just about sometimes, they turn out to be crypto-related.

Seeing the times Elon has mocked the utility of NFTs, he hasn’t been against it, since he’s seen spreading knowledge about NFTs too. And for the crypto investments, he’s seen as supportive of DogeCoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

In Conclusion…

Elon Musk has been seen as a driving force in the entirety of the Blockchain revolution. His tweets move the market, and at times, bring laughs to the NFT enthusiasts. Elon Musk’s views are clear and he doesn’t stand to promote NFTs. His priority lies with the ones that are scammed by impersonators using NFT giveaways to swindle money. (c)

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