What Are NFT Roadmap? Examples And Points To Know

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If you like NFTs, you might wonder, “what is an NFT roadmap?” An NFT roadmap is a project’s digital blueprint that showcases its desired goals and milestones.

Now, the question is, if you are interested in an NFT project, what to look for in its roadmap? Which crucial factors in an NFT roadmap guarantee a project’s successful run? Today, we shall delve into the importance of an NFT roadmap, how to determine a good roadmap, and finish off with some examples of successful roadmaps.

What is An NFT Roadmap?

What Are NFT Roadmap? Examples And Points To Know !

So, what is an NFT roadmap? An NFT’s roadmap explains the events, features, and future updates to expect from an interesting NFT project. It details the exciting offers that the NFT owners will enjoy by being community members.

These offers can be virtual and real-life events, NFT breeding features, celebrity meet-and-greet in the Metaverse, cool NFT merchandise, 2nd generation NFT drops, etc.

In short, it draws out the desired accomplishments that the project is aiming for after its public launch. Many NFT projects are always crystal clear about their goals and outcomes through these NFT roadmaps, making their launch more exciting for all potential buyers! 

Moreover, a clear-cut NFT roadmap helps focus on which update is more crucial and comes first, so you always know what to expect next as a community member. 

What Are The Signs Of A Good NFT Roadmap?

Crystal-clear NFT roadmap ideas can excite and intrigue potential NFT investors and owners. A good roadmap describes the details of every achievable milestone with the help of its team and community members.

So how to know if an NFT roadmap is well-thought-out and practical? Here is a checklist that can clarify if it is meeting all the criteria:

NFT Roadmap Point 1: Readable

An easy-to-understand NFT roadmap can always pool in both experienced and new crypto-enthusiasts. Some projects often use over-the-top technical jargons that can deter the reader, especially if they are new to digital investments. 

So, what makes an NFT roadmap readable? For starters, the vocabulary. It should be simple, easy to read and map out the bigger picture in perfectly-placed details.

A good roadmap has one-word headers, official visual snippets, and short explanatory messages.

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NFT Roadmap Point 2: Live Website Availability

Live and updated NFT roadmaps prove a project’s authenticity. It is the first thing people check on the website. Many projects decline roadmap launches to seem simple. But people can misunderstand it as suspicious.

Instead, go for NFT projects with clear-cut roadmap ideas that spell out its aims and community goals. A live roadmap can update buyers on the project’s next steps.

NFT Roadmap Point 3: Utility

Check for Utility the NFT holds. Staking, breeding, and play-to-earn are just some of the utilities NFTs can have. There are so many more depending on the theme of the project. The roadmaps need to have detailed information about the utilities the NFTs will have. The utility of the NFT is the most important thing about it. The more utility an NFT has, the better it will reward its holders. 

If an NFT project is open about its token’s utilities, it is a sign that they are confident about its project’s achievable milestones. 

Moreover, make sure the NFT utilities are:

  • Unique
  • Exciting
  • Meets your expectations
  • Diverse, helping the project expand to new heights

NFT Roadmap Point 4: Depth

A good NFT roadmap should always have an in-depth explanation of its expected goals. It should also clarify how its goals benefit its community members. 

For example, the CLONE X – X TAKASHI MURAKAMI NFT project roadmap ideated each step with images, a short descriptive paragraph, and the connective factors between steps. The 2021 space pod update promised a customizable digital space for community members. The roadmap also includes the 2022 wearables marketplace with customization trading among community members. 

In short, the project is offering you a virtual space pod where you can connect with community friends and interact and trade with them.

NFT Roadmap Point 5: Updated Status

On-time NFT roadmap accomplishments and crossing off the already-achieved goals are signs of a project giving back to its community as promised.

A roadmap’s function is to inform investors about its profitability in the long run. So on-time status updates can make projects look investment-worthy. It helps the community look forward to more exciting events on the roadmap.

Why Do NFT Roadmaps Matter?

An NFT roadmap details the various factors that can create a successful blockchain project. It is a crystal ball with plenty of details that can offer you a look into a project’s future! It helps you decide if you wish to invest in it for long-term and profitable opportunities.

You can use an NFT roadmap to keep track of the new goals in the project’s calendar. Often, many projects remove, update, or revise parts of their live roadmap, keeping in tune with their current financial status and community demands. 

A project updating these details can help you evaluate your decisions on being its community members. Moreover, their transparency with such information is always a plus factor for genuine projects. 

It is the live proof of an NFT team’s ability to listen to community feedback and provide updates accordingly. 

An NFT roadmap also helps keep track of what to expect soon. To simplify its aims, a project uses it to spread out its timeline, often citing the dates, months, and years it might take to reach its challenging goals. 

It helps to engage its community and keep them excited about new milestones. For example, if a project’s roadmap includes NFT breeding as its future aim, you can allocate the required number of these collectibles to prepare for it. 

Examples Of NFT Projects With The Best Roadmaps

NFT Projects With The Best Roadmaps Azuki NFT Example

Now that you have a clear answer to the question, “What is an NFT roadmap?? here are some NFT project roadmap examples.

Azuki NFT Roadmap Example

The Azuki NFT’s “mindmap” details its plans in 7 different steps. 

The first step clarifies the project’s community visions and values. The second step describes its community-building activities, with updates on the completed and the in-progress activities.

The third step details its current social media platforms and its plans to diversify into NFT gaming. The roadmap continues with simplified descriptions and easy-to-understand steps. 

SolRarity – Rarikeys NFT Roadmap Example 

SolRarity – Rarikeys NFT Roadmap Example 

The SolRarity–Rarikeys NFT roadmap is information-rich throughout its 3 phases. It is a successful Solana blockchain NFT project with highly-descriptive roadmap sections. 

Its 1st phase aims to launch its rarity tools to showcase trustworthy rarity tiers and index charts for successful NFT drops. The second phase explains the project’s aims to involve its NFT holders as beta-testers.

And the 3rd phase details its revenue-sharing incentives with passive income-earning opportunities. Each stage has more activities in easy-to-understand details.

NFT Worlds Roadmap Example 

The NFT Worlds roadmap is simplicity personified. It is a literal checklist detailing each step’s status! The project has completed 15 out of its 18 roadmap stages.

The NFT Worlds’ roadmap’s completed stages include:

  • Rarity rates and data files were distributed on 10th October 2021.
  • The $WRLD token release in December 2021
  • The release of its open-source multi-player server in January 2022

The project is yet to release its rental marketplace, game launch, and more!

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Are RoadMaps Important? 

To the question, “What is an NFT roadmap?”: It is an NFT project’s portfolio in progress that is transparent to the public and details exciting future possibilities! An NFT roadmap draws enthusiastic NFT owners to be part of active communities and projects on the crypto marketplaces.

If you are interested in an NFT project, keep an eye on what it has to offer, check how transparent and detail-oriented it is, and how frequently it updates on accomplished goals and roadmap stages. There are various NFT projects in the market with exciting and clear-cut roadmap ideas. Read through their roadmaps and be part of the most thrilling NFT communities!

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