Best NFT Podcasts Sites To Listen In 2023 For Beginners

Bankless NFT Podcast Best Platform for Crypto Market News

Looking for the best NFT Podcasts for beginners to listen to in 2023? With NFT being a $17 billion industry, catching up with the latest NFT news is a mandate for all investors.

While news channels seem a viable information source, people are largely shifting to audio service providers. In such situations, finding the best NFT Podcasts become crucial to stay updated with the latest news. 

However, the crux lies in using the service properly without losing out on any news. Podcasts can offer more than just current news as experts share their knowledge via this medium. This article unveils the 10 Best NFT Podcasts 2023, covering every nook with 100% reliable information. Apart from it, the podcasts are easily accessible to users. 

Best NFT Podcasts For Beginners Overview 

Being a young market, the NFT industry is going through a rapid change procedure which is often challenging to keep up with. From detailed market analysis to encouraging young artists, the range of content is wide. 

However, being an investor and equally indulged in the numerous blogs can get hectic. This article displays carefully chosen Best NFT Podcasts and unleashes the true power of technology. Stay Tuned and catch up with the world as we unveil the top NFT Podcast collection! 

  • Bankless – One-stop solution for Crypto Market News 
  • NFT Talk Show – Discuss the future with NFT Talk Show 
  • Edge of NFT – The Top 1% 
  • The Nifty Show – World’s First NFT Podcast 
  • The Mint Condition – Unveiling the Secrets 
  • NFT Catcher Podcast – Regular Update on the Industry 
  • Two Bored Apes – A World of Observation
  • Modern Finance – Best NFT Podcast for Beginners 
  • Unchained – Explore the Investment Opportunities 
  • Zima Red – Into the Metaverse 

Below are the top 10 NFT Podcasts to Listen to in 2023, best for beginners as well as intermediate-level users.

1) Bankless NFT Podcast – Best Platform for Crypto Market News 

Bankless NFT Podcast Best Platform for Crypto Market News

Bankless is one of the oldest podcasts in the market as it started its journey in 2020. Originated in Argentina, the podcast delves into the various realms of cryptocurrency and explains various niches related to the same.

With the right reputation, this talk show often hosts special guests like Meltem Demirors and Packy McCormick and encourages the audience to communicate their questions. 

In one of the recent podcasts, Bankless with Dan Morehead (CEO of Pantera Capital) discussed the 65,900% growth in the blockchain industry and the deadly combination of macro and crypto funds. Other interesting concepts like the bond bubble, inflation, and fund crisis are also discussed in relation to the Blockchain industry. 

  • Extensive network to help the audience 
  • Available in Apple Podcast and Spotify
  • Slow upload rate 

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2) NFT Talk Show Podcast– Dive Into The Future

NFT Talk Show Podcast Dive Into The Future

Hosted by Toni Payne, this NFT podcast covers all the aspects that you must be aware of as an investor. Toni, an investor herself, educates users to interpret market sentiments and bet on upcoming technology. 

The NFT Talk Show acts more than an NFT podcast as Toni Payne shares her market experience and gets special guests on the show to discuss the future. Similarly, Ms. Payne also shares her view on major and upcoming NFT projects and provides an in-hand analysis parameter that makes the due-diligence process easier. In one of her recent podcasts, Toni Payne spoke about how memes can be the future of NFTs. 

It is indeed the best NFT podcast to choose from, with so much to offer. 

  • All-in-one solution for your NFT needs 
  • Available on Apple, Google, and Spotify Platforms.
  • NFT insider scoops can be conspiracies as well 

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3) Edge Of NFT Podcast – The Top 1% 

Edge Of NFT Podcast The Top

Hosted by Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley, and Josh Kriger, Edge of NFT is a gateway to expert investing followed by the Top 1% exclusively. Unveiling the secret, this team of three focuses on covering every minute detail related to an NFT project. Exploring the business side, Kelley focuses on the human element and how their sentiment can bring a change in the market. 

With 119 episodes in the collection, Eathan Janney dives deep into the NFT market trends and explores the numerous upcoming possibilities. Therefore, if you face any problem analyzing market behavior, Edge of NFT is the best NFT podcast to solve your issue. 

  • Discusses different due-diligence techniques 
  • Predictions about the market trend can go wrong as well 

Join Edge Of NFT here

4) The Nifty Show – World’s First NFT Podcast 

The Nifty Show Worlds First NFT Podcast

With its first episode aired in 2020, The Nifty Show is an exclusive platform to access special mantras by NFT pioneers themselves. Hosting one episode every week, The Nifty Show has reached millions of people and educated them about the different crux that defines the NFT procedure. 

Led by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, this podcast is your one-stop solution for all NFT requirements. Similarly, it is the best NFT Podcast for beginners as it defines every single chronology related to the NFT industry. 

Well, don’t worry about the podcast being boring. They introduce all-new terminologies in the best way possible! 

  • One of the oldest NFT podcasts
  • Beginners friendly.
  • Available on Apple Podcasts, Google, Amazon Music, and Spotify Platforms
  • May divert from the podcast’s agenda 

Join The Nifty Show here

5)The Mint Condition NFT Podcast– Unveiling The Secrets 

The Mint Condition is the perfect NFT podcast to end your tiring day with. Packing entertainment with NFT news, The Mint Condition talks about the different segments of the Cryptocurrency industry. From discussing various metaverses to releasing Web3 development news, listening to this NFT podcast is worth the time. 

Unlike other audio services, The Mint Condition hosts weekly episodes ranging from 50min to 1:15 hrs. The special format of this show delves through every aspect of the NFT topic discussed. 

  • Presents NFT news in the most innovative way possible 
  • Available on Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcast Platforms
  • Strictly speaks about Web3 application and NFTs 

Join The Mint Condition NFT Podcast here

6) NFT Catcher Podcast – Regular Update On The Industry 

NFT Catcher Podcast Regular Update On The Industry-

The power-packed duo of Michael Keen and Jennifer Sutto is different from the regular podcasts in the market as they focus on the market dynamics and discuss the unparalleled mistakes of newbies. A perfect hub for mature investors, NFT Catcher Podcast, is a delight to listen to. 

Recently they revealed a major $34mn blunder in the NFT industry which was missed out by a majority of the audiences. Therefore, visit their channel and explore such amazing content as they update it regularly. 

  • Long Podcast sessions 

7) Two Bored Apes NFT Podcast– A World Of Observation 

Two Bored Apes NFT Podcast A World Of Observation

Unveiling the great knowledge, Two Bored Apes is hosted by two friends often referred to as Jaime Musings and Zeneca in the metaverse. Their smart conversation covers every exciting topic in the NFT industry. Similarly, their podcast name is an oxymoron to their content, as every episode is a masterpiece unveiling new realizations.

 However, their NFT podcasts are of short duration, which always leaves the audience in a major dilemma, as with every open-ending scene. 

  • Interesting conversation forcing listeners to explore possibilities 
  • Short Podcasts of around 5 mins.

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8) Modern Finance – Best NFT Podcast For Beginners 

Modern Finance Best NFT Podcast For Beginners

Well, if you are a complete newbie to the NFT industry and would like to learn more about it, checking out the Modern Finance podcast will be a viable solution. Hosted by the venture capitalist Kevin Rose himself, this podcast breaks every industry terminology into understandable portions making the process seamless. Every nook related to Bitcoin, NFT, Crypto, and Defi is adversely researched before putting it into action.

Apart from it, industry experts bring in different tools associated with market research, diversifying both theoretical and technical knowledge. 

  • Unlocks different terminologies from the Crypto Industry 
  • Investors with pre-knowledge from the market can find similar content 

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9) Unchained NFT Podcast– Explore The Investment Opportunities 

Unchained NFT Podcast Explore The Investment Opportunities

If you invest in cryptocurrencies, adding Unchained to your list of NFTs podcasts is a must. Hosted by Laura Shin, Unchained has transformed how one looks at podcasts.

Explaining all the opportunities, this platform introduces pioneers to talk about important decision-making tactics, including spending, earning, and investment strategies present in the crypto sphere. 

Well, checking out Unchained can change your perspective on the crypto space. Apart from it, the podcast also has its own YouTube channel, which takes things to the next level. 

  • Clarifies every investment aspect in the crypto space 
  • Good for beginners in NFT.
  • Exclusively based on Investment opportunities and avoiding other NFT aspects

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10) Zima Red NFT Podcast On Spotify– Into The Metaverse 

Zima Red NFT Podcast On Spotify Into The Metaverse

All your incomplete knowledge on metaverse can end with the perfect NFT podcast. Empowering the Web3 application, Zima Red is the perfect platform to understand the different developments associated with the metaverse. Zima Red is hosted by Andrew Steinwold, who has been an investor himself. 

With special episodes on The Future of Decentralized Scene and WeMeta, the podcast has gained popularity. Therefore, check out the official website and enjoy their unique piece of content. 

  • Unique Perspective toward the metaverse 
  • Available on Spotify.
  • Long Podcast Sessions 

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Including the Best NFT podcasts in your queue can inform you about distinctive news that you missed earlier. With the list of 10 Best NFT podcasts in this article, even beginners can find their way to the top. Every podcast reveals a new story which makes it interesting to follow them all. 

Therefore, start your NFT journey with the best NFT podcasts!

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