Unauthorised iTunes Purchase — 3 Comments

  1. I just received the same email. I don’t use the iTunes store… the first thing I did was check for others who had received something similar.. that would be you then Derek! 🙂


    Your AppleID was recently used to buy the “CTW Lite” from the iTunes Store on a PC or another device that had not previously been linked to your AppleID.

    This purchase was detected from (Krasnodar, Russia). .

    If you made this purchasing, you can safely ignore this message. It was sent to you just to warn you if you did not make the purchase by your own.

    If you are not the one who made this action, we encourage that you urgently verify your AppleID:

    Apple ID >

    In any case, your financial data are in safe on our security servers. Keep in mind, that Apple will never send you a request to reveal your personal information by e-mail or via telephone.

    Best regards,
    Apple Inc.

  2. Funny enough i just noticed a bank transaction via my on-line statement saying Itunes has charged me 69p. I am sure this is a scam, and i have seen fake emails from itunes and never filled in my details. However being so late at night now, i cant do much till tomorrow. Just thought i would make it Public. I will up-date when sure. thanks Ian.

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