Tax Refund (Overpayment #:33216) Dvla Vehicle Licensing Agency Phishing

Phishing Scam

Yet another DVLA Vehicle Licensing Agency phishing email trying to get your information. We see so many of these and they change very little apart from the sites involved. You sometimes get a slight change in the wording of the emails, but they all basically say the same.

UK government service being spoofed and easily imitated for identity theft purposes, because the UK government are very poor at putting best practice and security methods into place.

These emails do not come from the DVLA. Their server or email servers have not been hacked or compromised. They are all coming via compromised  / infected servers worldwide. As usual all the reference numbers and amounts vary in each email.

Some of the subjects seen so far today in this phishing run include

  • You have an outstanding vehicle tax refund (Ticket Ref#:41850)
  • Tax refund (Overpayment #:33216)

One of Today’s  emails looks like:

From: Vehicle Licensing Agency (id#:32691) <>

Date: Thu 08/12/2016 08:52

Subject: Tax refund (Overpayment #:33216)

Attachment: None, link in email body

Body content:

Security Alert

We would like to notify you that you still have an outstanding vehicle tax refund of £159.79 from an overpayment, despite our previous letters regarding your refund we are yet to receive your claim.
Requests for refunds are time limited please use the link below to complete your refund request.
Get Started 
Please note: You’ll usually get the refund in 4 to 6 weeks, but it may take longer in some cases. You should wait 6 weeks before contacting us about the payment.
Best regards,
Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency


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If you are unwise enough to follow the links you end up on an identical copy of the site asking for usual identity and financial details

Phishing sites so far discovered include ( email links go to a site which redirects you to other sites):