spoofed Amazon Transactions_Report__by_users_from_2016-11-18_to_2016-11-20 delivers Locky ransomware — 4 Comments

  1. Hi, I just had the same email on my phone. I didn’t notice the misspelled word and clinked on the link which wouldn’t open on my phone so I think I’m ok from the virus. What I’m worried about is I clicked on the link to Amazon and signed in. Will this now give them access to my account???? I’m freaking out and can’t believe I was so stupid.

    • you will be safe Gina. they won’t get any info about you. The site only downloads a ransomware that encrypts windows computers and won’t affect phones ( at this time ). If the link didn’t open and it won’t on a phone. then no worries ( this time)You have to open the word doc with macros enabled to be infected. Phones will not do that

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