Many Common Sites Might Be Temporarily Offline

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Watch out for Many common sites might be temporarily offline over the next few days. This could include sites like Facebook, Amazon, Ebay and any site that uses cloud hosting. This will not be due to any problems on your computer but due to a forced server reboot to fix a serious vulnerability.

A normal web server reboot takes anywhere between 2 & 10 minutes to perform and come fully back up. Cloud computers because of the way they are linked together, can take anywhere between 5 minutes and 1 hour. If you go to a website that you regularly use and don’t find it or have a connection issue, don’t panic. Just wait 10 or 15 minutes to see if it resolves. If it has not started working after 1 hour then start to investigate. Don’t make panicky phone calls to the company or hosting company immediately, Many of them outsource hosting and won’t know about the reboot.

Newly discovered vulnerabilities in the open source Xen virtualization hypervisor have once again sent major public cloud companies scurrying to patch and reboot their systems before attackers can pull off a massive exploit.

Amazon and Rackspace have both announced that they will need to reboot some of their servers to address the issue before March 10, when the Xen Project plans to disclose the latest bugs. Details of the vulns are being withheld for now, to give the cloud vendors time to patch.

In a FAQ about the upcoming maintenance, Amazon Web Services said that only some of its earliest Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) customers should be affected.

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