IMPORTANT Complete blood count result fake PDF malware — 15 Comments

  1. Yep – just got one of these and I fully agree it is evil! Having just had a blood test it made me look at it twice before googling it. Certainly more believable than some (though a parking fine one also made me look first then delete! ) Different doctor’s name on the bottom of the mail but otherwise the same. Cheers

  2. Just got this email today .. really scary. I might have been fooled if I’d recently had a blood test but, fortunately, I haven’t. This is really nasty and frightening. Where can I report these people?

  3. My sister has Leukemia my whole family has been tested recently and my brother got this email today…. excellent timing to these people well done they must be so proud.

  4. Having just come out of hospital where I had many blood tests I did try and open it, I hoped it was fake but I had to know for sure, luckily it would’nt open instantly, I came to my senses and closed my mail box. SCUMBAGS is quite right, it’s ruined my day!!!

  5. I received this email too. I deleted it but having reported it I have been asked to forward the email to manager at my doctors but I can’t retrieve email back. If anyone still has this and can forward it to me it would be appreciated to assist them with enquiries. Strange request I know but don’t know how else to get email back. Thanks

  6. Couldn’t agree more, just how low can these people sink? When I got it this morning, I sent details to NICE and also to my local paper, this has really crossed a line here. I’m used to the stupid HMRC spams and other such drivel, which are usually so badly written and formatted, they are laughable. These morons who create this obscenity are not human.

  7. I also received this today. Gave blood on Tuesday so I really thought it was real. Worst thing, apart from the upset for about 40 mins, was that I actually opened the attachment on my phone and now the whole phone has shut down and is not working. It’s just so unfair – I just feel so annoyed that I have now got to spend my hard earned money on getting the phone fixed when I was minding my own business, not harming anyone. These people are repulsive low lives!!

  8. some of the comments on sites like are just beyond belief.
    Yes a lot of people would realise that this was a hoax or scam and wouldn’t be enticed into opening the email or the attachment, BUT with all the changes to the NHS in UK and the way that suddenly Doctors, Hospitals and Dentists etc are sending reminders or confirmations about appointments by email or text messages, couple that with the new NHS data online services where all your medical records are shared with “other medical bodies” it is then completely believable that N I C E could be responding to your blood tests. OK if you hadn’t recently had a blood test ( and recently means 3-6 months in NHS terms for analysis and backup checks.) then it is unlikely that anybody would be contacting you. But also take into consideration the numerous occasions where months or even years later, smear tests, breast scans and X-rays etc have been re-examined and problems found.

    Please folks have some considerations for victims and they all are not stupid. Many people are waiting for blood test results every day and are very worried about the possible outcome. Many practices nowadays do use text messaging and email to contact patients and a lot more will do so over then next few months and years, because of costs and phone bills.

  9. I totally agree with you (but then it is the Daily Mail that you pointed to so maybe not that surprising… 😉 I would consider myself a reasonably competent computer person – I’ve been dealing with them for years but this one still made me stop and think. I guess I’m fortunate in that Avast actually dealt with it anyway and I am very doubtful I’d have actually opened anything like that however I have real sympathy with anyone who has been caught. I’d say something about what I’ve never had on my computer but that would tempt fate and who knows when I’ll think after I’ve dome something. Cheers

    • It isn’t just the mail and its commenters being their usual bigoted selves with this one
      Almost all the online forums and sites say that users should no be fooled by these. This one is a more unusual email that is much more enticing to persuade the user to open the attachment. It is a very well performed social engineering trick.

      I still say that with the changes in NHS methods of communications, we will see a lot more of these attacks and more and more frequently NHS will be using email & text messages to cut costs.

      The whole site here is warning about these scams and malware attacks and if they didn’t happen and people didn’t get infected by the emails, then there wouldn’t be any need for the site. But it is needed and people do get infected daily

      Not everybody is 100% tech savvy and we need to make allowances for them and help & guide them. Most of us have elderly parents, Grandparents or other relatives who are new to computing and the internet. The changes in modern day communications methods are very hard for them to cope with

  10. Again I agree (& I put a link on fb to this blog post). As to “not being fooled” that is plain silly and was kinda the point I was trying to make – we can all be vulnerable at times. The more potentially vulnerable people who are warned of this type of virus attack the better and your site was useful to me when I had the mail – thanks.

  11. I have just received one of these emails and I have found it to be very offensive and very nasty, last month I had a cancer scare, which was given the all clear, however, those still awaiting results, or even worse those who have proved positive, will already be very distressed, this would only add to that, this is an abhorrent attempt to prey on people who are already in a vulnerable position.

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