Failed Fax Transmission to<00441616133969> – Word doc malware — 12 Comments

  1. Is it OK to still post active payload URL’s or should I not bother ?
    Mine might be different from everyone else’s, but I’d like it to be published so these idiots see that
    people are working against them and that information is available on how to defend against them.
    More people knowing = less people getting infected = less bots for their command and control centre.
    Every time we get attacked, I start a list of bot IP addresses. I compare lists to see if it’s the same bot farm.
    I intend to find a way to send these IP’s to an IP blocklist so that they get automatically rejected, and
    to find a way to automate new spam bot IP’s to the list.
    Watch this space.

  2. I received this very email today, I had just sent an email away & this happened to come in just after. I thought that maybe it was to tell me my email didn’t send. So stupidity I opened it! It had a download attachment file so I clicked it but then thought that’s really weird & canceled the download before anything happened I hope…..
    I can’t believe I was so stupid! I’m usually so careful, I even have bitdefender & CM antivirus on my phone which I’ve run a few times this afternoon to check & they have picked up nothing, I don’t know what to do now. What are the chances my phone is no infected? Please help this silly girl

  3. if it is on a phone, then it is very unlikely to, be infected. Although the macro inside the malicious word doc might be capable of running on a phone, the actual malware that is downloaded won’t be. That is windows specific

  4. Thank you dvk01 I didn’t open the attached file only the email itself. I’m really hoping I stopped it in time. Any ideas of how I can check or what to do now, I’m really new to all this.

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