Another BBC bitcoin scam. Email is from a compromised School email account — 4 Comments

  1. Just for your info.I received two emails from “legit “emails.

    one was from a school 6th form head and the other from a Brunel Uni student.

    They were sent at same time and had the “view now “button.

    The subject line meant somthing to me on both, which had been hacked from someones email I know.

    They both were the fake Bitcoin BBC thing.

    I contacted both owners,they already knew they had been hacked,and were trying to sort it out.

    Just thought you would like to know.

    This happened yesterday 6th Feb.


  2. We had this attack, but with an extra step. The initial time the recipient clicked on the View Now button, they were taken to a login page with our institute’s branding. It said “Sign in to continue”. Upon signing in their email was hacked and they then forwarded the same email as replies to their inbox.

    If someone else clicked the link from our network, they were redirected to the fake BBC site. It looks like it only allows 1 login per IP address (and externally we only have 1 IP). However, a number of our staff accessed this off-site, so they fell victim to it.

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