Bitcoin scam spoofing BBC news — 2 Comments

  1. Received a similar email with the green ‘Display Message’ button back in middle of December. Have received several more since then, all from people I know. Obviously, didn’t click the button. However, my son must have received one and clicked the button, because last Thursday, his account began sending similar emails (including one to me which is what alerted me). What concerns me is that he’s adamant he didn’t enter his password, and also he clicked the button from his iPhone, so how the hell was it able to access his account? Once activated, the malware seems to go through your ‘sent items’ folder (not your contacts list), emailing people you’ve previously emailed, with a subject line you’ve previously used. My son’s account sent a total of 74 such emails (which I can see from his ‘sent items’). Another point is that all such emails that I’ve received have come from either a Hotmail or Live email address, so seems the malware is exploiting a weakness in those platforms (but how when initiated from an iPhone and without the user entering their password?)

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