You can submit suspicious files and Web sites ( URLs) for examination and submission to Antivirus companies, Other Malware Researchers that I co-operate with and Phishing Block lists.

You can also upload copies of the email you received ( that helps to track down and report the sending email servers so they can be cleaned up )

Note: any files or emails and any details submitted here might be used in posts here to warn and alert everybody about them. All personal or identifiable details will be removed before using them. I will examine the files as quickly as I can, but sometimes it takes a few hours or even the next day. I will always try to reply to you, but if several people submit the same malware and /or website addresses, then I normally only reply to the first one. I will not always personally reply when I use the details for a blog post.

You can submit website addresses ( URLs) of suspected malware download sites or Phishing sites. (if more then 3 sites, please add them in the message box)

We have had some problems with submissions being caught in a spam filter that shouldn’t exist and attachments stripped. I have now done a few tweaks and hopefully cured the problem.

Please give the website address (URL) where the malware was found or location of phishing site
( Leave empty if no url given)
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Upload a file or an email:

Only these file types can be uploaded: Zip, Rar, 7z, Doc, Docx, XLS, XLSX, msg, eml
Unfortunately we can only accept 1 file at a time. ( if you need to upload more either zip them all and submit or please submit a second form with the additional files.)
Maximum file size 10mb