disturbing important matter malspam delivers unknown malware — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve just received the same, slightly different wording…

    Hello, !

    I am bothering you for a very serious matter. Allhough we are not familiar, but I have a lot of personal info about you. The matter is that, most likely mistakenly, the info of your account has been emailed to me.
    For example, your address is:

    I am a lawful citizen, so I decided to alert may have been hacked. I pinned the file – .dot that that was emailed to me, that you could examine what information has become available for attackers. Document password is – 2277

    Laveta Tchakian

    • I had someone phone me, and tell me that they had opened their personal email from a web based site (cr@p! there goes our filtering), opened the Word doc, typed in the password and opened it.
      I feared the worst! I got a remote desktop to his computer and checked processes – nothing strange. Checked the usual registry autoruns – nothing. Checked his Word macro settings – allow. Turned them off. Checked his entire hard drive for all exe files that were created today – nothing. Also checked for read.gif and logo.gif – not found. Checked all .gif files from today and all were about 700 bytes so I think he got away unscathed.
      Thank you ZTreeWin for making my life so much easier (other file managers are available)

  2. I recieved this e-mail today, and curiosity got the better of me. I installed a virtual machine on a laptop and opened the .dot file. I now have a dead laptop, it went black almost immediately, and now has no sign of life, no charging lights, no response at all.

    Interesting to see this article as it’s the first to describe the payload, but it doesn’t sound like it should have been so destructive? Is it really just a co-incidence that my laptop went pop at the moment of opening it?

    • I have opened this in VirtualXP and it didn’t kill anything. It’s supposed to download a banking trojan so I suspect coincidence. Any way to test the battery ?

  3. I got the same thing. I copied the doc to a usb drive and booted up my stone age computer. Opened the doc and it was 318 pages of garbage characters. I did not need any code to open it, although there was one. I then reported it to / and deleted it.

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