You’ve got a new message in your NEST mailbox malspam delivers sharik, smoke trojan — 5 Comments

  1. I received one of these emails today addressed to a business I owned that is no longer trading and sent to a normally inactive email address. The domain it was sent from was I was suspicious on two counts – odd recipient address and copywriting oddities – a small grammatical error suggesting the author was not a native English speaker, plus informal wording in places not in keeping with an official warning. By coincidence (or not if they knew my age), I received the letter just as I am staring to receive my pension, which bothered me, I must admit, but I kept calm, made a cup of tea and Googled to find this site.

  2. Dear (my name was here which is unusual?)
    You’ve got a letter from NEST (National Employment Savings Trust).
    Please see the details in the table below.
    Subject Message Type Account
    We’ve reported you to The Pensions Regulator Late payment WILLS RIDLEY LIMITED

    What do you need to do now?
    You must clear your overdue contribution schedules immediately..
    We’ve included a file with this message. Once you open the doc file you’ll see how to read protected document that provides more information about what’s overdue.
    Richard Hardy
    NEST Employer Services Manager []

    A word documents was attached to open. We do not have any dealings with NEST as we run a private pension scheme at our workplace so this email was just deleted.
    I am posting this here to make others aware of the scam.

  3. Client received similar email saying that they had been reported to the pension regulator. Phoned NEST who confirmed that it was a scam email and to forward it to their phishing department.

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