UKPC Parking Charge Reminder delivers malware — 5 Comments

  1. Hi, I received an email last week telling me I had a parking fine of £90, exactly like the example you give above.I was instructed to open the email which would direct me to photo’s of my payment related options and photo and ticket information. The email it directed me too looked odd, called Sivadra.Net, yet when I opened it there was no website, I am unsure what was stated now but there was no page to open,page not found, words to that effect.
    Unfortunately, yes i have opened this on my phone and now twice on my laptop. I was so upset by the email, charging me for something I could remember nothing about. I have a blue badge and I am usually very careful where I park but my emotions got the better of me I’m afraid. It’s only when I spoke to others I realised there must be something wrong, for instanceI had no letter so how did they get my email address?
    Can you advice me what to do now please? Also I have used my internet banking after I had opened the email

    • There should be no problems with this. If you were sent to a site that didn’t open, you would be safe. You would only be infected if you opened the site & downloaded the ransomware/ banking Trojan / backdoor from the site and actually ran it

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