Another phishing scam, this time TurboTax

One of the emails looks like:

From: Mr. X <[email protected]>

Date: Tue 21/02/2017 19:45

Subject: Important Notice: Request for Account Update

Body content:

  1. Confirm Your Account.

Some information on your account appears to be missing or incorrect.Please confirm your information promptly so that you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of your TurboTax account. If you don’t confirm your information, we’ll limit what you can do with your TurboTax account.. Take a minute to update your browser for a faster, safer and full-featured TurboTax experience. .

If you have any questions, TurboTax is here for you, with answers every step of the way, so you can be confident your taxes are done right!

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Questions? Please don’t reply to this email. It was automatically generated. Instead, head over to our customer support site. (We have real live people working there.)

The link goes to where you see this page, asking for all the usual details to steal your identity as well as all your bank and credit card accounts and all your money.