Trickbot deliveredc via fake HMRC “FW: Unpaid Invoice 17.07.2018” — 1 Comment

  1. Yes I received this very same email as you show.
    I put the ladies name in the search,- and here I am. I glad someone is out there looking into this and is way ahead of the game to help out others like me. I have not opened or responded to the fake HMRC. but you know, sometimes I wish I can respond just to say how stupid they are and that they are losers with no value. But I am told it would not do any good,- its not like someone on the other end is going to feel sorry or even get made at what I say. I get up early to go to work,- these idiots wake up an grab for there computer there in bed an do these things. I am just supersized that we consider the internet so great yet on the otherhand we have allowed it to be manipulated into a great monster to attack our lives. Not so great if it can easily hurt you. No Im not a tweeter, I dont have facebook and all that other junk. I can actually walk down a street with my head held high an not looking at my hands. Yet once in a great while I still get emails as foolish as this HMRC. and no one can stop it.

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