Statement as at 01/09/2014 fake PDF malware — 13 Comments

  1. there shouldn’t be any damage on a mobile phone. The malware is windows specific as far as I can tell. It is unlikely to even run on a windows phone, just on windows proper ( XP, Vista, W7 or W8/W8.1) on a desktop or laptop or a windows tablet.

  2. I wasn’t paying attention and clicked on the attached zip file.
    Now I cannot run Internet Explorer.
    I have Webroot Secure Anywhere on my PC but when I ran a scan it did not detect anything.
    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  3. Tried to report this to Action Fraud, but the website doesn’t cater for this sort of thing. Why don’t they have a forward address for this type of e-Mail?

  4. Received the said email from T C REID (ELECTRICAL) LTD yesterday and whilst I wouldn’t have opened it I’m glad I found this website to confirm my suspicions, thank you. Had to look the company name up on our systems as it could easily have been from a customer of ours. Would like to know who these guys are and how they obtained my work email address though.

    Thanks for the helpful website.

    • they are being sent out by bots. They pick email dresses at random to send to. Any infected computer can be enrolled into the botnet and will send these emails

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