spoofed Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) delivers malware — 5 Comments

  1. we received one of these yesterday afternoon (12/12) and two early this morning (13/12) as we are a Chauffeur company based at Heathrow I new none of my vehicles had been in the Manchester area, and there is no mention of vehicle registration number

    • if you read my post, you see why these work and why some victims do click on the links. To a lot of people the web is new. Everyday public authorities change and start to send by email or txt when previously everything was done via snail mail. An example is Taxes in UK have to be done online now. 2 or 3 years ago you could do either online or offline. Now ONLY online with email communication. We just don’t know what might be online & what isn’t.
      These have very similar domains to the genuine Without doing a domain lookup, you don’t think that the fake domains, might not be genuine.

      Have a bit of regard for inexperienced or careless users and help them, not be rude, offensive & over critical.

      Hundreds if not thousands of recipients might well be persuaded to follow the links in the email. We have all heard of innocent motorists who have received speeding tickets from hundreds of miles away, when you have never been to the town in question. It is unfortunately a common occurrence for number plates to be cloned and used in a totally different area to avoid speeding and parking fines for the criminals. It takes a lot of evidence to actually prove that you were not the offender.

  2. 4th Jan 2017:
    I got this one at 17:10 today, pretty much identical to the 2nd example above. Note the English wording is not particularly fluent. The link box in the one I got was headed “Check Speeding Device Data”. And no, I did not click on it!

  3. I have recieved one of these emails yesterday. Given that I don’t live in Manchester I assumed it was fake, and no way I’d ever do 74mph in a 25 zone. They’d have more luck falling people if they put 32mph in a 30 zone or something. I don’t even know of any 25 zones.

    And how did Manchester Police get my work email? Lol.

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