Samsung Galaxy Note 4 purchase VERIZON – word doc or excel xls spreadsheet malware — 1 Comment

  1. Received this email this AM. So, of course I contacted Verizon and gave them control of my laptop to check it out. The name of the attachment looked dubious (per above). I hadn’t purchased anything, but my (older) kids have access to my verizon account, so I thought they may have bought something. The verizon tech person said the email came from verizon (even tho a domain search came up with nothing for The attachment was blank when opened. But the message at the top said nothing about macros. it said “protected View This file originated from an internet location and might be unsafe. click for more details.” when the enable editing button was clicked, nothing else happened except the document was blank. i checked my trust settings and the “disable all macros with notification” radio button was checked. So, I don’t know if when the tech clicked the enable content button I got hit, but based on above, I should be good, right? The file size is 21.5KB and the total editing time is 221 minutes… So that’s a lot of editing for a blank file.

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