We all see thousands of adverts and get loads of emails offering us jobs. This one caught my eye earlier. Earn Up To $315 A Day Translating Words. Sent by Real Translator Jobs <[email protected]>
The email reads like a godsend for somebody who speaks an extra language and needs a few $$ or ££ but has all the hallmarks of a scam / multi level marketing / pyramid scheme.


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You just need to have the following:

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– The ability to understand basic English, and at least one other language
– Have at least 1 hour per week or more, to complete the jobs
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Kristin Stewart

translator job scam

Now lets take a closer look and start to break it down.

If you follow the links to the website you see and a referrer link at the end of the url

I have blanked out the referrer link so he/she doesn’t get any income from the scam by following links from here

translator jobs website

Now at first sight it looks really good and a chance for somebody to earn some money.

The first thing that jumps out at you is

When you read it closely and read the FAQ, you get real alarm bells ringing.

Q: I’m not totally fluent in English, can I still make money?
A: Yes, certainly. Not everyone can speak perfect english, in fact 99% of people who speak English as a second language do not. Many of these jobs are very simple, so even if your English is not great, you will still definitely have an opportunity to get some great translator jobs you can do right from your home. We also have some amazing tools to help you translate words you may not know making your work very easy!

Then on the sign up page you see

If making money from home doing simple translation jobs sounds good to you, but you are worried that your
English is not perfect, don’t worry! Most translators are not 100% fluent in English!

We have added a lot of free tools that you can use that will help you automatically translate other languages into English. They will help you look up words you may not know, and even automatically correct your spelling, grammar and punctuation! These free tools that we give you will give you an advantage over other translators, automatically correcting your mistakes and speeding up the amount of time it takes you to complete your work.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee I will make money?
A: No, we can’t make any guarantees about how much you can earn but we do provide you with everything you need so you can start making good money translating online. HOWEVER, we do offer a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee so if you find that it is too difficult for you to make money, we will refund your membership fee within the first 60 days. We are confident you will be very happy and making money quickly which is why we offer such a great money back guarantee.

Q: Will I have to buy anything else after I signup?
A: No, absolutely not. Your only cost is your 1 time fee to join RealTranslatorJobs.com which includes everything you need to start working with these online translation companies.

Straight away you detect a problem. Any company or person willing to pay for a translator wants a 100% accurate translation. If they want a rough or approximate translation then  there are numerous online tools, including translators from Google and Microsoft that are quite accurate and efficient in most languages.

Then you read the absolute nitty-gritty. You have to pay an upfront membership fee to be put on their lists to be available for what are most likely totally non existent jobs You are almost guaranteed to lose your money and are very unlikely to actually make an money.

The only people who get rich and make a lot of money are the originators for this scam and the “affiliates” who promote it and get a commission on every sign up or click through to the website.

To confirm this  all you need to do is go to and see that it will cost you $68 to sign up but there is a special offer for today only for $34 dollars  ( save 50%)

All I can say, is don’t fall for it and don’t waste your money. You won’t earn anything