There have been quite a few reports of problems with several of this months ( August 2014 ) windows updates

Problems with Windows updates August 2014 KB2982791 KB2970228 KB2975719 KB2975331

MS14-045 – Important
– Reason for Revision: V2.0 (August 15, 2014): Bulletin revised to remove Download Center links for Microsoft security update  2982791.
Microsoft recommends that customers uninstall this  update. See the Update FAQ for details
– Originally posted: August 12, 2014
– Updated: August 15, 2014
– Bulletin Severity Rating: Important
– Version: 2.0

Microsoft is recommending that EVERYBODY do this regardless of whether you have a current problem or not.

My experience and view is that there is a strong possibility that ANYBODY could experience the problem and be unable to boot windows at any time with these updates installed, or have display issues. With the increased use on websites of dynamic fonts that are loaded as and when needed to display on a website, that do not use the default installed fonts, the problems can affect anybody and cause an IE crash on almost any site. I have experienced an extraordinary amounts of IE crashes in the 4 days that these updates were installed, but as soon as I uninstalled the 2 offending updates on my W8.1 computer all crashes stopped. KB2982791 KB2975719 others have reported similar behaviour to me.

If you do get crashes or a blue screen after installing these updates, then follow the advice on to start up in recovery environment and repair your computer.  At first glance it looks complicated but is actually quite simple and easy to do.

I have seen many questions and comments on various forums and websites saying should they uninstall these updates even when no problems are being experienced at this time. My opinion is, YES, uninstall all of these updates, until Microsoft find the cause of the problem and fix it. While you might be lucky and only get IE crashes and minor display issues, don’t take the chance and risk a serious computer malfunction.

Although KB2982791 is a security update, it isn’t that important in the scheme of things and appears to need a physical log on to the computer to be able to exploit this elevation of privilege and affect your computer. It doesn’t appear to be a remote access exploit. The same criteria applies to KB2970228 where the vast majority of users will never use the Russian Ruble symbol so won’t ever need this update anyway.  The 2 updates for W8/W8.1  KB2975719 KB2975331 are updates that do fix loads of bugs and introduce new features. However, it does no harm to wait for a while to install them and it looks like the offending part of those updates are the part that introduces the Russian Rouble symbol. It looks like if you have W8/W8.1 then if you have selected KB2975719 KB2975331 for install then you won’t be offered KB2970228 as a separate update.  You would only install either KB2975719 KB2975331 not both. KB2975719  is for users with W8.1.  KB2975331 is for users with W8

EDIT: After reading the Microsoft KB much more carefully and in line by line detail, the facts are that KB2970228 is for Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 ONLY and the same update is included in the Windows 8/Win8.1 roll up update KB2975719 for W 8.1 or KB2975331 for w8. That is why We advise ( and Microsoft do ) to uninstall those updates. My personal opinion and I would assume that it would be shared by quite a high number of IT pros, is that Microsoft should remove the Russian Ruble update from the W8/W8.1 roll up updates and re-issue those so the improvements and fixes are available for the highest number of users. Then they should issue a stand alone OPTIONAL update that is available for ALL supported versions of Windows for the Russian Ruble symbol and that way only users who would be likely to use that symbol can install it.

Edit 19 August 2014:

After some research re Known issue 3 crashes and Blue screens appears to affect only those machines with Open Type Font (.OTF) shortcuts in the Windows Fonts directory (%WINDIR%\Fonts). These shortcuts may be created by Adobe apps (e.g., Photoshop Elements 11), Bitstream Font Navigator, and others. Microsoft recommends that those customers uninstall this update.

I do not have any OTF font shortcuts in my fonts directory in either my W8.1 computer or my 2  W7 computers, BUT I have experienced an extraordinary amount of IE crashes and display issues with this months updates installed. As soon as I uninstalled KB2982791 and KB2975719 from My W8.1 computer all the issues stopped, IE worked as well as it ever does and all display issues cleared up. The same behaviour has happened when I uninstalled KB2982791 on 2 windows 7 computers. I never installed KB2970228 the Russian ruble update on my W7 computers, but it was automatically installed on the W8.1 computer as part of the KB2975719 August 2014 roll up update.

In view of my experiences with 3 different computers and being informed about similar behaviour from other users, I still stick to my advice to uninstall all and any of these 4 problematic updates, until Microsoft get to the root cause and issue revised updates.

Update 28 August 2014 Microsoft have issued a revised update for  MS 14-045  with KB2993651 which replaces KB2982791. This is being rolled out by Windows Automatic Update.

However reading the instructions, Microsoft recommends all users to uninstall KB2982791 if they haven’t already done so and install this update.

My gut feeling is hold off on this update which also has potential unwanted features, until we see some feedback from other users in the field as to how it actually affects users in the real world. I would be concerned if windows suddenly become invisible or hide behind other windows and you can’t effective work.

Known issue 2

After you install this update, the z-order of the windows is changed. (The z-order calls the SetWindowPos function together with the HWND_TOP parameter.) Therefore, the windows of certain applications may become invisible or may be incorrectly displayed behind other windows.

We are currently working on a resolution for this issue.

This issue also occurs after you install the following updates:

  • 2965768 Stop error 0x3B when an application changes the z-order of a window in Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • 2970228 Update to support the new currency symbol for the Russian ruble in Windows
  • 2973201 MS14-039: Description of the security update for Windows on-screen keyboard: July 8, 2014
  • 2975719 August 2014 update rollup for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2


To uninstall the updates,open the Programs and Features item in Control Panel, and then click View installed updates. Find and then uninstall any of the following update that are currently installed:

◦ KB2982791
◦ KB2970228
◦ KB2975719
◦ KB2975331

Known issues with this security update

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18 August 2014 6:51 pm 6:51 pm

KB2982791 won’t uninstall! I keep getting error message.

18 August 2014 9:39 pm 9:39 pm

“An error has occurred. Not all of the updates were successfully installed.” Since this is the only update I was trying to install, nothing was uninstalled. I called Dell Technical Support and they spent two hours not getting it to uninstall. Since I have no system restore point earlier than the installation, they want me to reinstall Windows 8. I am about to move and need the stuff on my computer. I’m sure if I called Windows, they would charge me for helping with their mistake. My next computer will be an Apple.

Small Trader
Small Trader
19 August 2014 5:52 am 5:52 am

I have to say that Microsoft has stuffed this up bug time. To put out an update which completely screw up a machine and the only way to recover is a complete re-install is beyond belief. Where is the testing to ensure big stuff up like this does not happen. There are a lot of novices without restore points or recovery images and these people are in a very difficult situation as they won’t know how make the machine boot again !

20 August 2014 2:41 am 2:41 am

When I try to unistall the update it says “please wait while the updates are being uninstalled. This might take several minutes.” then nothing happens… Any ideas?

28 August 2014 2:10 pm 2:10 pm

I don’t know why, but today my keyboard (usb) is not working. And another usb keyboard too… and the another one (ps/2). Could anybody help me please? Yesterday everything was good.

28 August 2014 3:57 pm 3:57 pm

But it works in BIOS. I don’t understand what’s my problem.

2 September 2014 2:17 pm 2:17 pm

I do not even have this update on my PC and the new Kb2993651will not install. leave it to Microsoft to screw up yet again.

6 September 2014 3:17 pm 3:17 pm

I’m trying to uninstall the KB2975719 update but everytime i do so i get an error wich says: “An error has occurred. Not all of the updates were successfully installed.”
Please help!

6 September 2014 5:55 pm 5:55 pm

What about Server 2012R2? Do I still need to uninstall KB2982791, KB2970228, KB2975719, KB2975331 after KB2993651 is installed.
I assume that the correct proceedure is to uninstall the KB2982791, KB2970228, KB2975719, KB2975331 updates and then Reinstall KB2993651. Have several servers to repair.