Problems reporting abuse to registrars and hosting companies — 3 Comments

    • There are a lot of very good hosting companies who take their responsibilities seriously. I have also had good responses from 000webhost. I wish other companies including several of the bigger ones were more like them, with a very efficient responsible abuse department

  1. Hi Solaman,

    Please note that we can simply cancel your account without any refund.

    As per our terms of agreement governing the use of our services which you should and have agreed to by placing an order with us, all orders are non-refundable due to the tangible nature of our services. Unless otherwise specifically stated.

    I am posting reviews about your hosting company everywhere online warring how bad your hosting company is.

    that is absolutely disgusting you taken my money and refuse to give me my vps account and I didn’t even get any help and support from you.

    Please refer to our legal terms here –

    We appreciate your understanding.

    Rachit P

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