Please kindly find attached your swift copy of payment malspam with RTF exploit — 1 Comment

  1. Greetings,
    I would just like to share the email I received today.

    Attachments12:37 AM (8 hours ago)
    to undisclosed-re.

    Dear Morning,

    Kindly find the attached swift copy of payment wire to your account as
    directed by your client whose details is also attached to the swift copy.

    Please confirm it and reply.

    Thank you and Best regards
    Elliott Harry
    Head Office 8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ, United Kingdom
    Phone +44-20-79918888
    Fax +44-20-79924880
    HSBC Bank

    I hope this will add to one of your examples of email spam.
    Good thing I found this site before replying to their email.

    Thank you and more power.

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