Please find attached INVOICE number 224244 from Power EC Ltd Word doc malware — 16 Comments

  1. ask for help on or any other reputable malware cleaning forum

    It can be very difficult to clean up after this one, BUT if you have a modern version of word ( that is 2010, 2013 or 365) and you have left it set as default with macros disabled, then you should be ok and the malware won’t have run

    If you use word 2003 or 2007, then I am afraid all bets are off and you probably have been very badly infected
    If you don’t have word installed at all then there won’t be any problems

    • If you enabled macros then you are guaranteed to be infected and you need to seek help on the malware cleaning forum I linked to earlier ( or any other reputable forum)

  2. I have just opened this on my iPad as we had ordered something from company called power ec ltd

    Really worried now what should I do to protect myself as I use my iPad for banking ect

  3. i have opened the file , but did not “enabled” the macro. But anyway the bin.exe started. My PC start to work strange but no antivirus can detect the virus presence. After i restarted my PC it’s working perfect. Like nothing happened. I continued to search for the virus/malware but no success for now. So i’m wondered. What goes wrong. Do i have virus on my PC and just can not find it or i dont. I’m realy confused and dont know how to proceed.Can you advice me with which Antivirus/Antimalware program should i scan?

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