PETER HOGARTH & SONS LTD Invoice 642555 – fake PDF malware — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, I got this email this morning to my business account. I’m always suspicious of unknown company emails but like you said this seemed like a legit thing, but I knew I didn’t have any dealings with them so it raised a flag. Glad I didnt open the arj file now. Thanks for posting – came up number 1 on google when I ran a search on this.

  2. I have received this and many others on my business email from different UK suppliers. I have just been deleting but am wondering if there is anything I could do to get it to stop if the owners of the businesses haven’t realised yet. I suspect they all use the same host who has been hacked.

  3. The phone number that’s in the E-mail is the legitimate line for this company. I spoke to them and they’re aware that this is happening. Last week our company was hit by the same virus but the bots were posting as Royal Mail. This week they’re using this company.

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