Order Dispatch: AA608034 – word doc or excel xls spreadsheet malware — 5 Comments

  1. Seen three so far. One my antivirus eats.
    The other two download from here

  2. Recieved this email to my business email address this morning. I also recieved a similar spoof email about another invoice for an alternative service I haven’t used yesterday. Do you think my email address is on some kind of list now? Luckily I don’t use windows!

    My email address is not in plain text anywhere so no idea how they got it! It isn’t a generic one either, so it would seem it has been sold by someone I gave it to.

    • If you have a website and your name is posted anywhere on the website, you will get spam email
      they don’t have to have the full email address listed anywhere, but use dictionary attacks. The higher profile you have on twitter and Facebook, the more likely you are to get spam emails like this to your publicly posted name @ your web site address

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