New BT Online bill malspam delivers Dridex banking trojan — 8 Comments

  1. Also had one from – the problem is we cannot now forward the offending email to anyone, genuine bt managers we have had dealings with in the past,, norton, etc because the content triggers the Norton element sanesecurity. It does not seem to affect any other, unrelated emails but prevents reporting of this scam mail, even as stripped-out-text-only-edited-all-links-etc to authorities, at least in our case – Help! We want to prosecute these criminals!

  2. Had one arrive today. looked authentic and I have had an account with BT! stupidly I clicked on it.
    deleted immediately. then cleared safari history
    changed email password
    and found the .js file on my computer and deleted that. I think! i got it in time – working on iMac

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