NDR Bill fake PDF malware — 13 Comments

  1. Not wishing to the put the email address that was targeted, but I received precisely the NDR Bill malware email this morning at 0736hrs. Research on the web brought me to your page. Thanks for the information that confirmed my suspicions.

    • clicking the link in the email should be safe as they go to the correct local council. ( at least they do in all the versions that I have received so far, but always be cautious & hover over the link to see where it is sending you
      If you haven’t had an attachment with it, then you are one of the lucky ones who have a mail server that disinfects these or your antivirus automatically deletes them

    • I received the same email today, which is why I’m on this site now.

      You’ve been lucky this time, but oh please, never, never, NEVER trust any email you do not expect, and never, never, NEVER click on any embedded links! The scum who send these things out rely on ignorance. (I mean that in the true definition of the word, not as an insult.) Everyone should, by now, know better, but it seems that’s not the case.

      At least you came to your senses and researched it on-line and found this site warning of the specific email. You were certainly right to be concerned. In this instance the email does not appear to contain a link to a malicious website but many emails of a similar nature do, so I hope you’ve now learned an important lesson. Thankfully, there are a lot of people and websites dedicated to informing and educating us about these threats.

      With emails, I’m sorry to say, it is best to adopt a “guilty until proved innocent” approach. Many of the warning signs are there in this email. First, it was received unexpectedly. Second, it does not address you personally. Third, it employs one of two common methods of making people think they should follow up what it says: either they try to scare us or they appeal to our greed, causing us to think we are owed money in some way. Fourth, it has (or had) an attachment, usually as a zipped file. (My anti-virus detected and removed the threat, and told me so at the end of my email. If yours hadn’t removed the threat, you should have been thinking about a change of anti-virus software.)

      Right, I’m off to make a PPI claim / an insurance claim I knew nothing about / get free loft insulation (I don’t have a loft!) / make use of a “government” kitchen replacement scheme / replace my windows for next to nothing / etc. etc. etc. Thank you all you kind people for phoning to tell me about these wonderful offers…. and after that I’ll go and share all the Facebook stuff I get, telling me what a horrible person I am if I don’t pass it on…

  2. Thanks for the confirmation – assumed it was dodgy although I didn’t get any attachments with the e-mail, and the link included did appear to be to West Lothian council when I hovered over it.

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