more spoofed DHL Delivery malspam delivers malware — 15 Comments

  1. Thank you for your information!
    I erroneously clicked on “track your package” link of one of those mails – as I actually did expect a parcel – and wondered as it didn’t open anything but downloaded something which I could see only in the bottom of the chrome browswer, but not in any folder. Then I became aware of the spam character of the mail.

    Question: I use mac, is this a danger? Do I have to try to find the file and where would I go to look?

    • On a mac there is no worry. It will not download ore run any of these windows specific malwares. As far as I am aware Mac will not save the files automatically, because the locations the malware is programmed to save to, do not exist on anything except a windows computer

  2. Hi, I was expecting a package so when I got the email, I clicked on the link which purported to be for tracking said package. All it did was download a file that when opened was gobbledygook. The email text was so small,there were no initial things that jumped out until l properly looked at it a few hours later, I deleted the file and ran my kapersky virus checker, which showed no threats. However, I’m afraid it’s already self extracted a keystroke logger or something that hasn’t been picked up so I daren’t check my bank a/c,paypal or amazon etc. I’ve got a lg android phone, should I be worried?
    Hope you can help, please, Susan

  3. Yes I received This email a few minutes ago and did press the link which downloaded a file. I opened and it was a lot of jumble. I deleted it afterwards realising that something is wrong – deleted it from my android download folder. I decided to googled fake DHL email and it took me to this page. And above is exactly the same email I received.

    I really do hope I have nothing to worry about on my android phone.

    Any reason why it wouldn’t affect an android phone?

  4. Cant believe I fell for this DHL scam too. I am expecting a large delivery and so clicked on link to track delivery. Downloaded a file to my phone. I deleted this later in the day but Im so cross that I didnt realise first. I do all my internet banking on my phone and Im worried in case info can be accessed if malware dowloaded. Its so obvious now I have looked at it properly —– no name —–no shipment no etc……

    Does anyone know if malware is likely to have been downloaded?? I added 2 new free apps to check which are showing scan clear! Is this reliable??
    Also how long would it take for me to know if malware??

    AND I’ve since received 2 more emails from DHL and one from O2??? All in the space of 3 days!!! I dont understand why I appear to have been suddenly targeted?

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