More mailchimp malware Invoice 1717 from CITY SIGN & GRAPHICS LTD — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve received this ‘invoice 1717 for £ 336 quoting me as LASBA / Lanarkshire Badminton. (My wife was treasurer until a few years ago and used my email address).

    I’ve also received a similar email (invoice for $336) with a New Zealand email address.

    Also, just now, and an email starting LASBA/Lanarkshire Badminton allegedly from citing MK Premiere Properties, Scotsdale, Arizona and invoice PRO 4673783-100-GB inviting me to click on a link for details.

  2. What can we do?

    I run a mailing list off Mail Chimp for a rugby club and our members are complaining about this and yet it seems that I am powerless to stop or prevent this. Is deregistering from Mail Chimp the answer or is that redundant if they’ve already got the lists?



  3. i received the Invoice 1717 yesterday and I’ve just received another fake invoice mail via Mailchimp. It’s from AA Life Insurance – Invoice 6587 for £394.87. Both reported to Mailchimp.

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