Microsoft Outlook You have received a voice mail – fake wav malware — 18 Comments

  1. oh, dear, after years of caution, fell into this one thinking it was a Dublin code and had a friend visiting there. Saved the zip. Scanned it (reported OK). Right-clicked to ‘extract’, then I’m not sure whether I ran an exe file or not but I then immediately shredded the file and the zip and the folder and then restored to 2 days ago. Should that have put me right again? Many thanks. Anne

    • All I can advise is keep an eye on it & run regular antivirus scans over the next few days.
      If you didn’t run the .exe file then there will be nom problems, but if it was accidentally run, then it is pretty certain that you have been infected and it might take a few days before any adverse effects start to show up

    • All the versions of this that I have seen so far, will only run on windows so you should be safe on iPhone. But that doesn’t mean that a version specifically intended for mac or iPhone won’t be floating around somewhere

  2. I received this same email this morning. Unfortunately I did not think of virus. I am running Mac OSX 10.7.5. Will that affect me? I did try to open it and I am not sure if the exe ran.

    mine came from this address as a zip file.

    Microsoft Outlook

  3. i received the very same email on the 7th of Oct.. I knew it was dodgy right away and scanned it with an anti malware package(SUPERantispyware) Almost immediately it returned a Trojan Alert. So, under no circumstances run this thing.

    • unfortunately, you can’t always rely on an antivirus or antimalware program detecting all email malware attachments. Your eyes and common sense are the best detection.

  4. I opened the zip and double clicked on the file but nothing happened. I ran a malware check immediately which picked nothing up. Are my passwords safe, even if I change them?

    • in quite a few cases nothing does appear to happen, but the malware would have downloaded the zbot that does the damage.
      It can take anywhere form 2 minutes to 10 days to show bad effects, so my advice is keep doing antivirus scans several times a day and don’t do any banking or use anything that needs a user name & password on that computer, until you are 100% sure it is clean
      What Operating system are you using. If you aren’t using windows then you are almost certain to be safe.
      did you get any warnings about something being blocked or do you want xxxx file to run
      What antivirus do you use?

  5. I have a total of three of these stacked up in Mail on my Mac and am unable to delete them. When I try, a message drops down:
    The message “You have received a voice mail” could not be moved to the mailbox “Trash — …@…com”
    “872630.emlx” couldn’t be copied because you don’t have permission to access “Messages”.

    Any suggestions?

  6. this just happened to me and despite being pretty clued up I clicked on and winzip

    immediately realised what I had done and checked by going to linkedin and noticed immediately my pre saved email and password needed re entering so I guess that is how they obtain my details

    running AVG scan as we speak so hopefully can cleanse my pc of this

    any advice gratefully received

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