Microsoft Office Email Verification – Phishing scam — 1 Comment

  1. You might wonder – what’s the point of getting someones email credentials ?
    * A lot of people use their single/personal email address to sign up for other services. Paypal, Amazon, Ebay…
    If a criminal has your email address and password they can try to gain access to your financial details or other accounts.
    * They can send spam from your account e.g. the holiday scam where they use your address book and email all of your
    contacts saying “I’ve been mugged and need emergency money to pay my hotel bill”

    If you ever fill out a phishing form and then realise it, change *ALL* of your passwords.
    If you filled out financial information, contact your bank/credit card provider.

    One way to check if a site is a phish or a scam if you aren’t sure, is to enter your username, and an incorrect password.
    If it takes the incorrect password, run away and/or report it.

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